Robust is a European manufacturer of advanced solutions in the recycling and forestry industry. A complete range of their solutions includes universal shredders and forestry equipment that can be found in more than 20 countries worldwide. With its own development department and technologically advanced production line, the company brings to the market innovative products and services that offer superior quality and performance, precision, individuality, and durability. Committed to ensuring the highest industry standards and top-notch products they managed to achieve 50% growth in the last year. 

Easy Engineering: How do you see sustainability and what are your efforts in this direction?

ROBUST: Sustainability is an important objective of our strategy. When developing products, we always have a sustainable aspect in mind, so the materials we use must meet all quality and environmental standards. 

E.E: Tell us about the sustainable solutions that you offer (if any).

ROBUST: Company Robust is making and developing forestry equipment such as Log splitters, Billet bundlers, TP boxes. 

Our product range also includes universal shredders for wood, plastics, and similar materials.  The most known series of our shredders is SD Series, which features a wide range of materials, that can be shredded with even the smallest shredder in the range. These are single shaft models that are synonymous with versatility. Our sustainable star is SD60 shredder with high utilization of shredding power, where the specific distribution of knives on the rotor allows quality shredding at lower connection powers (15 or 18.5 kW). SD60 was designed with the idea of ​​optimizing the components of the shredder, in a way to reduce production time and assembly, and consequently, reduce costs in production and the final product. Such an approach has a key impact on reducing the carbon footprint in the construction and subsequent use of the shredder. 

We also have Monster Series, hybrid machines with two shaft pre-shredder combined with one shaft shredder series SD90XL. 

With our H series, our customers can shred very long and oversized wood waste and longboards The material is put into the rotor horizontally through a roller feed, or vibrating channel feeder. All our shredders are also equipped with an intelligent control tool system Bover Premium or Bover Professional for monitoring the operating parameters, which helps customers to improve machine utilization, reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Customers may also adjust the machines to their wishes with a wide range of optional and standard equipment.

Recently we have launched our VR showroom to bring machines closer to users and offered them the opportunity to get to know them better.

E.E: Do you offer solutions for reinvigorating old equipment with new solutions? 

ROBUST: We offer our customers to bring their old shredders in exchange for the new one as a part of a trade deal. Furthermore, we try to offer parts that can be used multiple times. For example, hardened knives with extended service life have 4 cutting edges, which means that after wearing one edge, a customer simply turns the knife. 

E.E: Tell us about sustainability in production & distribution.

ROBUST: For many years, Robust has been focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly production. The EN ISO 14001:2015 certification has significantly contributed to raising the environmental awareness of all employees and those who work with our company. Business processes and employee awareness complete Robust’s integrity as a green and sustainable company. So, we strive to ensure that our machines are built to the highest environmental standards.

E.E: Tell us about R&D and innovation.

ROBUST: Our development, production, and assembly teams ensure that our products boast innovations, patents, and design protections. We invest a lot of effort in innovative new system solutions, using the latest technologies to design and adapt them throughout the entire process, from idea to implementation, to make our machines even better. 

E.E: How do you promote this clean culture in your company?

ROBUST: Robust has three key sustainability attributes written in its DNA. Caring for people, caring for the environment and caring for the contribution to the economy as a whole, completing the overall picture of sustainability as an important element of our business strategy.

E.E: Tell us about preserving resources and driving circularity.

ROBUST: In addition to making sustainable machines, our company also participates in several projects for preserving resources and driving circularity. Currently, company Robust is a partner in project DEBLO++, where the main purpose is to modernize and digitalize forest management planning, which also includes the so-called “hotspots” areas that are affected by weather or emerging climate change, and add value to wood throughout the entire forest-timber chain.

E.E: How do you drive focus on sustainability of operations?

ROBUST: Robust products are made by EU standards and follow all safety procedures and medical demands. We constantly strive for advancements and supplementation, which guarantees the productivity of the machines and the pleasure of their users.

E.E: Tell us about sustainable energy solutions used.

ROBUST: We have photovoltaic modules installed on the part of our company building and our business premises are heated and cooled with an air-to-water heat pump. Besides that, we are currently developing the concept of a mobile biomass heating unit with a partner, which includes a shredding unit, a metal separator, manipulative paths, and a heating unit. The idea is to place a turnkey mobile unit at the micro-location and turn the accumulated wood waste of a company or local community if it is a residential building, into a heating energy source for heating the building.

E.E: How do you see sustainability in the future?

ROBUST: As the climate crisis gets more complex, customers are becoming more careful about their carbon print, which is leading to questioning about product sustainability. Companies need to consider how their business impacts the climate and environment at every stage, and proactively find solutions to reduce their negative impact, otherwise, they will lose a significant number of customers in the long run. 


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