Roll-Safe is an innovative product in the field of transport securing, which meets all functional requirements. Roll-Safe is not only faster and safer than the existing transport safety devices for roll containers, it can also be reused in the first place and thus enables the harmony of economic efficiency and environmental awareness. Functionally integrated into the existing transport process, with Roll-Safe you achieve a higher degree of efficiency, a direct saving of resources and thus improve the carbon footprint.

Martin Köllner founded RS-Systems GmbH in 2014. The company is a subsidiary based in Neufahrn, Bavaria, which handles all logistical tasks for the transport solution. To date, the owner-managed company has brought more than 250,000 Roll-Safe transport security systems onto the market. These are used by SPAR, Transgourmet, Manor in Switzerland, Vivantes clinics and 70 other customers in seven countries.

Interview with Martin Köllner, Owner of RS-Systems.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Martin Köllner:

  • Trading company,
  • food retail, hotel industry,
  • healthcare industry,
  • especially hospitals
  • and clinics, drugstores,
  • Logistics and postal companies.

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services?

M.K: The patented Roll-Safe transport securing system eliminates the need for labour-intensive wrapping of roll containers with disposable stretch film. The reusable structural chamber plates speed up and simplify the securing and therefore the loading and unloading of goods. Retail companies – especially wholesalers and retailers – reduce their labour costs by around 150 working hours per truck per year with Roll-Safe. They also save up to 2,000 euros per year in material costs. 

The panels are attached to the roll container with special tensioning straps and can be closed in seconds with a buckle to provide optimum protection for the goods. The recipients only need two simple hand movements to open the load securing system. With Roll-Safe, film waste is a thing of the past. The certified product has a service life of around ten years and reduces CO2 emissions by 95 per cent compared to stretch film. After use, the films are 100 per cent recyclable.

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services?

M.K: Roll-Safe flexible

The Roll-Safe flexible variant is the transport securing system that is hooked onto the vertical struts of the Roll-Container by means of four hooks. The advantages are that the system can be quickly removed and you decide which container to secure.

Roll-Safe fixed

The Roll-Safe fixed version is firmly attached to the container by means of a hinged hinge and thus becomes an integral part of the container. The advantages are the 100% securing of your goods to be transported and the remaining feature of the stackability of the roll containers.

Roll-Safe visible

The first completely transparent reusable load securing system. It speeds up order picking even more and makes quality checks at the ramp much easier. The reusable solution is also extremely flexible and even more stable than the previous, coloured structured chamber panels.

Since the Roll-Safe is a modular system, the variants can of course be modified or repaired at a later date, e.g. if a belt has to be replaced.

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

M.K: The market demands a modern transport security system. The open sides of the roll container are the problematic areas which must be secured during transport. In order to protect goods against damage and falling out, foil-wrapping is still the most frequently used protective solution, but it requires a considerable amount of material and time. In addition, it is no longer justifiable from an ecological point of view. Completely closed roll containers have proven to be impractical, as their handling is too cumbersome.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

M.K: The best waste is waste that is not produced in the first place. With Roll-Safe, we want to help ensure that reusable solutions for load securing prevail. We firmly believe that comprehensive systems and not isolated solutions are needed to utilise the enormous sustainability potential of reusable.

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed?

M.K: In addition to the Roll Safe transport securing system, RS-Systems GmbH will be presenting the matching Roll Smart roll container in 2024. Roll Smart, in conjunction with Roll Safe, is a roll container that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the market and meets all requirements.

In addition, Roll Smart will also make things noticeably easier for the operating personnel, as it will significantly simplify the cross-loading of roll containers, which has usually been tedious until now.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the beginning of 2024?

M.K: In terms of environmental protection and CO2 reduction, I expect more and more emphasis to be placed on reusable systems in 2024. Disposable products are outdated, neither for energy-related nor sustainability reasons. It’s finally time to act.