Certified Experts in designing, manufacturing and testing safety industrial handling and storage solutions since 1975.

Sall is the leading Italian brand of Justrite Safety Group specialized in industrial safety equipment for materials handling and storage, waste management and spill control.

Sall provides not only complete lines of standard products but is also specialized in custom-made solutions to meet very specific requirements such as for example specific solutions for very dangerous flammable and corrosive substances. Departments know every product’s technical details. Technical sales specialists provide new ideas to create innovative products able to solve specific industrial needs thanks to a clear picture of the market and industrial sectors.

The Engineering Department develops thus the best solutions and always requires pre-production prototypes, to test products usability, operational safety and efficiency and the Justrite Marketing Departments, each one dedicated to a specific Brand, are organized to provide distributors training and guidance.

Customers know that they can count on excellent and high performing products and experience both easy and fast access to services and timely answers and solutions, thanks to Justrite Safety Group proprietary IT tools and systems. 

Sall is thus a strategic partner for companies since they can count on one highly specialized supplier, appreciated and renown worldwide for the efficacy and quality of its products.

Sall priorities:

  • EU norms and regulations compliance
  • Workplace, people, and environmental safety
  • Comfort of use
  • User friendliness
  • Design for maximum efficacy and ease operations
  • Operational safety

Recognising since the very beginning the importance of protecting also the environment, Sall developed bunded products lines, such as chemicals storage buildings and spill pallets just to cite two, for hazardous and polluting materials.

The attention posed in protecting the environment is reflected in the new production plant, which opened in September 2022, equipped with a modern photovoltaic system for clean energy and modernly organized for lean production. The production process is also certified and is managed to minimize the environmental impact in terms of wastes, energy and to use recyclable materials.

One of most appreciated lines is dedicated to forklift material handling of any kind of materials. We are speaking of the tipping skips.

This line is the ideal solution to facilitate industrial material collection, handling, and unloading. 
Tipping skips allow for simple and safe automatic emptying and can be lifted with a forklift to then be easily tipped over by the operator using a lever to empty the container. This emptying system allows the operator to avoid getting out of the vehicle and this is very important to prevent severe accidents. Models are available with integrated rollover protection and watertight tank to maximize the safety level and can be integrated with optionals at anytime. The standard models are declined in the sheet metal and wire mesh versions.

Wire mesh models are indicated for loading light materials such as paper, plastics, wood and green cuttings. 

Why you should have Sall branded tipping skips? 

Simply because they will reduce operational time and maximise the safety level for your workers thanks to the safety mechanisms Sall created and many others important details.

Tipping skips main features and benefits:

  • Steel structure for durability and strength
  • Anticut design to prevent accidents during loading, unloading and handling operations
  • Paint type and Sall’s varnishing process provide superior resistance against corrosion and weathering
  • Emptying mechanism designed and tested for operator maximum safety and ease of use
  • Rollover protection to prevent accidents
  • Security chains to prevent the risk of slipping off the truck forks 
  • Fork Tunnels designed for a stable forklift transport
  • Large diameter wheels for easy manual handling
  • Intergrated and tested watertight tank to collect possible liquids separately from the contents
  • Grating structure and ball valve for easy liquid emptying and cleansing operations
  • 5 mm L profile on the unloading side that strenghten the side and facilitate the complete emptying.
  • Hydraulic cylinder for gradually tipping the dumping container (optional)
  • Mesh hight increase for lightweight or bulky materials fitting to increase capacity can be applied at any time (optional)
  • Lid to prevent waste blowing away in transit (optional)

Here others top performing and complete lines manufactured by Sall but you can see much more in Sall catalogue on the website:

  • Storage Units for chemicals, dangerous and polluting materials
  • Temperature controlled Units
  • Fire-Rated drum and IBC Stores REI 120
  • Modular storage buildings for every kind of liquids contained in drums and IBC
  • Chemicals cabinets
  • Spill pallets and bunds
  • Pallets and stillages
  • Bunded trolleys
  • Drop opening bottom containers
  • Bigbag holders
  • Industrial accessories for logistics
  • Modular bunded flooring systems
  • Absorbent lines named TeckSorb to complete the spill management process.

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