“Once upon a time…. Salvamac’s fairy tale also begins like this: one afternoon in March 2016 in Poznan, a cold afternoon but warmed by emotions, passion and some hot coffee. It was a dream, a challenge to uncertainty but also a clear vision: people come first and after machines. Of course, me as Christian and my partner as well as best friend Ziemowit, we didn’t lack the experience. Each one came from over 20 years of work and deep knowledge of the dynamics of the wood sector and its machines, from 20 years of knowledge, sacrifices but also incredible results. But we wanted to grow again! To realize something bigger and more dynamic. To make an even greater contribution to our customers, to really and finally put the person at the centre of everything, because passion also comes before the economic aspect! And last but not least, we had in our heads and hearts many new technological ideas.” Christian Salvamac.

In 2016 the Salvamac adventure begins with a coherent catalogue focused on the Classic 40, 50 and 60, semi-automatic and manual cross-cutting saws, which require limited investment but are a decisive step towards a faster, safer and more efficient production. A hard core to which Salvamac has added and is still adding new aggregates that significantly increase the performance of these undoubtedly “simple” machines, also by means of intelligent loading and unloading systems, as well as automations that allow even small businesses or sophisticated craftsmen to move towards a completely new perspective.

In 2017 among the aggregates Salvamac launched the new SalvaStop_100 measuring stop device, a system that electronically manages the stopping and positioning of the boards or profiles to be cut, regardless of the material, with high speed and absolute precision, thanks to a state-of-the-art brushless electronic motor. Furthermore, the mechanical system has been designed not to require maintenance over time, while ensuring a high degree of robustness and precision.

Salvastop_100 can be installed on the “Classic 40”, “Classic 50” and “Classic 60” models, transforming substantially “entry level” models into real semi-automatic cutting centres, made even more interesting by the possibility of interfacing them with the management software already available at the company. An example of how the concepts of “Industry 4.0” can also be applied on “stand-alone” machines, which offer important performances with low investments. It should be noted that the “Salvastop” can also be installed on other machines, adapting it to all those applications where it is necessary to provide measuring and cutting operations in an extremely effective way.

In 2018 another step was the creation of Salvamac Air&Painting.

Due to Salvamac’s entry into a reality present in the market for over thirty years, being always directed towards high quality products, Salvamac has been already conquering positions on various markets, with an offer that – staying true to the Salvamac philosophy – ranges from the “Artist” painting booths, equipped with innovative sandwich panels to provide increased strength and devices that greatly reduce consumption, to the “do it clean” sanding benches.  In addition to the “Painting” division, which includes perfect solutions for companies of different sizes and needs, Salvamac can offer ultra-robust and efficient dust extractors, bag, sleeves or cartridge filters, as well as complete customized suction systems.

In Hannover Ligna 2019, the leader product of the Salvamac optimizing saws, the Salvapush 2000 pusher saw has been presented with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage it simply and completely like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication among all electronic components. Not only that, the recent developments in bar-code data import and the relative “just in time” management systems (from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product) make it a unique solution on the market for production processes even in single batches. Very flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions make it possible to communicate both upstream and downstream with company software management, thus creating fundamental principles of industry 4.0.

As part of the Salvamac project in 2020, the third branch of SALVAMAC SELECTION has been set-up: a selection of different products with the same culture and philosophy that distinguish the company as an international company. A real novelty that the creator Christian Salvador defines as “ Our network and its strength will allow us to introduce new products for the solid wood industry every month, high-quality machines, as in our history, but at a price that allows more companies to choose the technological path. The strategy is clear: to optimize the process and use every possible “country advantage” to produce machines with the highest quality and affordable prices for the customer: this is the reason for choosing the “Salvamac” brand: machines that are simple to use and with which it is easier to cut costs and increase profits. A true network creation that gives the missing added value to our customers and to the whole wood industry.  The world has changed, we repeat it again, but this only means that it is larger and responds to different rules: there are many more open spaces than closed; the important thing is to drive looking ahead, not in the rear-view mirrors! We are ready for the new challenge of the next five years”.