Swedish company Scanreco is the leading OEM supplier of professional radio remote control systems to international crane and machinery manufacturers. They have developed and supplied reliable radio remote control systems to all parts of the world since the 1980s, letting the operator move machines or loads from a safe distance.

“We continuously develop new products and systems that are at the leading edge of industry. Technological innovation, reliability, safety, affordability, and user-friendliness have always been our hallmarks and we live by it every day.”, CEO Peter Lageson says

Undoubtedly 2020 became a year of disruption for most industries in the world. Scanreco, that house headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and holds subsidiaries in several European countries, and in North America, encountered some hurdles but adapted quickly to the new situation and new ways of working. While keeping production and product development running, meeting the demands from customers, they have also managed to run development of customer specific projects during the pandemic.

G2 G3 updates

Beginning of the year, they released new features for their long-time best sellers in the G2 and G3 product range, adding 2.4GHz to it. That enabled the possibility to combine the handheld Rocket Flex transmitter with a belly pack such as the Mini or Maxi transmitters – on the same application!

The G2 and G3 product platforms were first launched in 2008 and have since somewhat set the standard for professional radio remote control systems. They are appreciated by both OEMs and machine operators much due to their high safety level, reliable functionality, adaptability, and ergonomic design. The Mini and Maxi transmitters as well as G2 and G3 radio receiver combinations can be installed on applications ranging from stone crushers, drill rigs to cranes of all sorts and in all imaginable working environments. The products have been updated before, for instance with the 4.3” million color display as an option to the transmitters.

“The less power consuming 2.4 GHz frequency technology will give a substantially longer operational time from one charge compared to the previous sub-gigahertz bands.” Martin Westerling, Product Manager at Scanreco says. “With Scanreco equipment and especially with 2.4 GHz frequency, the machine operator will not have to worry about neither disruption from other radio equipment in the area nor loss of power!”

Customized solutions

Scanreco keeps focus on ease of use, durability, and system feedback when they develop their products and create customized solutions. Often in close collaboration with the customer and often also with the end user.

One example is the Aqua-Life Fish Pump System created for Magic Valley Heli-Arc & Mfg. in Idaho, and in collaboration with Spencer Fluid Power (link to case study). In close collaboration with them, Scanreco created a system made to transfer live fish and shrimp from farm ponds to trucks and trailers. After carefully listening to MVHA’s requirements, the team chose to customize and implement the G5 M19A receiver with proportional control to facilitate precise ramping of the output required. Scanreco’s software developers programmed a repeater network of Rocket Flex transmitters to meet MVHA’s need for controlling the pumps from 300 meters and beyond, as well as fully customized remote controls.

New level safety on the field

With the coronavirus pandemic still in global circulation, it is difficult for any operation to say what lies around the corner. No one knows yet what turns the pandemic will make and how this will affect global business in the future. What Scanreco does know is that they stand firmly and that there is a big demand not only for their current range of products among customers (and also among companies seeking to replace their current solutions with Scanreco’s), but also for their novelties that go under the name G6. Glimpses of the G6 range was first revealed at Bauma Germany in 2019 and has been shown in select tradeshows since.

From the looks, and sparce information that has leaked about the G6, Scanreco will once again raise the bar for how safe field operations are being performed. It will most definitely be as versatile and durable as their current belly packs and will not be anything less than that when it comes to temperature and water resistance. What more, we will know soon, according to Peter Lageson.

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