How an American popcorn manufacturer was searching for an appropriate belt conveyor for its production and stumbled across Montech AG’s customer-friendly online platform. 

Interruptions in the production line are a massive problem. They cost a lot of money and slow production down. And it’s precisely non-automated production that is frequently inefficient due to different production heights. If the ejector of one machine is not at the same level as the infeed of the next machine in the conveying process, there’s a disruption. An American popcorn manufacturer was confronting precisely this problem and searching for a solution.

Resource-conserving and functional 

There are various possibilities for balancing out the different production heights. Conceivable, for example, would be manual interventions or a base that would put the machines at the same height. However, because both of these variants involve a lot of work, neither one is ideal. An inclined belt conveyor is a much better solution. It automates the processes, is more visually appealing, and more economical to boot.

Customer-friendly online platform

This was reason enough for the popcorn manufacturer to search the Internet for an appropriate inclined belt conveyor. He quickly came across Montech AG’s website during a search. Montech specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. On the one hand, it was easy to navigate on the site, and on the other hand, it was easy to configure exactly the belt conveyor with belt studs that was needed. The result: Thanks to its modular construction, Montech AG’s standardized TB belt conveyor fulfilled the requirements precisely and optimized the process line as desired. Today, there are no more interruptions in production.