In 2017, SEEN’s co-founders, Michael Scott and David Grove, embarked on a mission to address a pressing concern within the materials handling industry. They recognized that forklifts and other mobile machines were responsible for a significant number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Traditional safety measures, such as the familiar blue light, rely on passive methods and human compliance, making accidents an ever-present threat. This observation prompted SEEN to create a proactive solution that could prevent accidents and injuries as well as provide insights that allow Health and Safety Managers to target improvements to existing safety measures.

SEEN’s journey led to the development of the IRIS 860 sensor for heavy mobile machinery, a groundbreaking product that was born out of meticulous technical development, rigorous lab testing, and an extensive year-long field testing phase. The product was designed to meet and exceed the stringent global product compliance requirements, including Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), laser eye safety, electrical safety, shock, and vibration. 

The culmination of these efforts resulted in the product’s commercial release in April 2019, after which it quickly gained recognition for its exceptional performance and effectiveness.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, with contract manufacturing operations in Bangkok, Thailand, SEEN has established a global presence with sales representatives in five countries. Their clientele spans multinational corporations, material handling equipment dealers, and parts distributors. SEEN’s impact extends far beyond its immediate reach, thanks to the support of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, a government agency dedicated to assisting New Zealand-based export companies in their growth endeavors. They have provided strategic and tactical support and facilitated market access in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, the USA, and Singapore.

SEEN’s primary customers are Health and Safety and Operations professionals in industries where pedestrians work in close proximity to materials handling equipment, such as distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and logistics warehouses. SEEN markets directly to these customers but where possible fulfils their orders through preferred equipment providers. These providers view SEEN as an exciting addition to their portfolio of health and safety products.

To date, SEEN has sold thousands of sensors worldwide, with a client roster that includes multinational organizations such as Shiseido, Rehrig Pacific, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Coca-Cola, Cargill, TOLL, and FEDEX. The success of the IRIS 860 sensor has not only saved lives but also demonstrated SEEN’s commitment to making workplaces safer for everyone.

SEEN stands out in the market due to its globally unique, patented sensor technology. This innovation effectively meets an unfulfilled market need, offering an optimal combination of features tailored to the needs of their target customers. Most importantly, it plays a pivotal role in preventing workplace injuries and fatalities. In addition to the award winning sensor, SEEN has introduced an IoT data camera and an online analytics platform, enabling comprehensive data insights for customers.

What sets SEEN’s solution apart from existing pedestrian detection systems is its ingenious reliance on the ubiquitous high-visibility safety vest. By simply wearing High Viz PPE, workers are inherently detectable without the need for electronic transponders or complicated AI-based systems. SEEN’s advantages over competitors are numerous: no required change in worker behavior, ease of implementation, reliable detection performance under even the most challenging of conditions, and cost-effectiveness that allows for wide-scale deployment, maximizing safety benefits. 

Moreover, the installation and setup of these sensors does not necessitate specialized knowledge. The potential market for SEEN’s products is substantial. An estimated 243,000 sensors are needed annually in the forklift truck sector alone, but the applications extend beyond that. SEEN’s technology can be installed effectively on various other mobile machines, including wheel loaders, tele-handers and reach trucks. 

The system can also be used to minimise machine to machine collisions as well as mitigating damage to fixed objects by simply putting retro reflective tape on them. As regulatory bodies increasingly mandate risk mitigation technology, SEEN is well-positioned to meet the growing demand, with its innovative, affordable, and reliable solution.

In a market where competitors often rely on electronic tags or camera-based systems, SEEN’s solution stands out for its simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Their deep understanding of their target customers allows them to focus their marketing and sales efforts on a narrow but deep customer base in need of a viable solution.

SEEN’s commitment to customer success is evident through product trials that ensure configurations meet individual needs. And with a NPS score of more than 40, SEEN is proven to meet customer expectations. As a result, SEEN is experiencing substantial growth and a promising future in the realm of workplace safety.

SEEN Safety has firmly established itself as an industry leader in providing effective and affordable safety solutions that have a global impact. With their innovative sensor technology, SEEN is pioneering a new era of workplace safety, where accidents and injuries are significantly reduced, making workplaces safer for all.