Seneca Air designs and manufactures a wide range of professional air treatment systems, from complex custom systems, ideal for large indoor and outdoor areas, up to technological solutions for smaller environments.

The company’s technicians and engineers design and implement effective solutions based on the real needs of the customer.

Their technology, protected by international patents, guarantees efficiency, practicality and flexibility, optimizing spaces and reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Seneca Air is the ideal technological partner for air quality treatment. They propose a new scientific and qualified approach to living surrounded by well-being.

Seneca Air’s technology allows:

  • The sanitization of internal environments, with the use of a liquid containing the active sanitizing ingredient
  • The prevention and elimination of the bacterium responsible for legionella and other bacteria and viruses
  • The repulsion of insects, rats, pigeons and crawling animals
  • The abatement of odors and neutralization of the main odor-generating molecules (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) in landfills and other external polluting sites
  • The reduction of odors and consequent sanitization of environments also used for breeding and/or veterinary environments
  • The sanitization and/or scenting of large work environments the treatment of green spaces and areas adjacent to swimming pools to solve the problem of insects and mosquitoes
  • Indoor/outdoor fragrance to give an olfactory brand
  • Sanitizing and perfuming the air inside means of transport

Easy Engineering: What are the latest products in your range?

Seneca Air:

  • Atomizer Box
  • Spryer Box
  • MS420
  • LIKO 4

E.E: What are the most innovative/trendy products and what special features do they have?

Seneca Air: The misting system consists of a perimeter system with high pressure pipe, nozzle holder and nozzles, which atomize a specific product to remove flies, mosquitoes and nuisance animals. This system is powered by a manually regulated electromagnetic dosing pump, control unit complete with timed work-pause cyclic control with line drainage valve control; The machine is equipped with a fully programmable control PLC capable of automatically managing the atomization times and consequently the intensity in the required time slots.

E.E: How important are these features for users in their work?

Seneca Air: they help fight viruses and allergies by releasing active molecules into the air which guarantee healthy air purified from harmful and bad-smelling gases. Furthermore, they guarantee high cleaning and sanitization efficiency for any environmental checks carried out by ASL and ARPA.

E.E: How do your new products/services differ from others on the market?

Seneca Air: Our company provides a patented system for air purification which is currently unique in Italy, which uses a zero impact system and products based on natural vegetable oils. The small size of our machinery, the energy and water savings due to a container recycling system and the method of use make us highly competitive.

E.E: Tell us about your company’s research and development.

Seneca Air: SENECA AIR was born from the technological know-how of an international electronics and industrial automation group.

A high-tech company that, through a long journey of research and professional experience in chemistry and phytotherapy, is able to propose unique and innovative solutions for air treatment through the support of 4.0 technology, with sensors that manage and send reports 24 hours a day, monitoring the air quality and optimizing the natural substances and their beneficial active ingredient in millesimal concentrations.

E.E: What impact does product innovation have on your customers?

Seneca Air: Our customers are extremely happy with the result obtained: the excellent quality/price ratio and its eco-sustainability make us stand out in an increasingly competitive market; our rental-to-own formula allows you to use our machinery and take advantage of our management services without having to incur large initial costs.

E.E: What new products/solutions will you launch in the future?

Seneca Air: We will launch air treatment systems for large and very large volumes, so as to be able to serve: Hospitals, refinery tanks, incinerators, steel mills, airports, shopping centres, biogas production plants, means of transport (underground, ships, trains, planes and bus), intensive farming, greenhouses.

E.E: Which sectors do you think will grow in 2024?

Seneca Air: BIOGAS production plants, energy production, waste management, civil and industrial purification stations will be growing

E.E: What products/solutions do you provide to these industries?

Seneca Air: Osmogenic barriers to eliminate pollutants in the air, whether: VOC, benzene, hydrocarbons, NH3, H₂Sand bad smells in general.

Seneca Air 

Via Barca San Domenico, 21 03039 Sora (FR)

Italy Telephone 0776/430969