Pioneering a new category in Construction Equipment, Senya Tech continues to add to our revolutionary line of MICRO CRUSHERS with our NEW MICRO Impact Crusher Asphalt Recycler!

We now have an impact crusher asphalt recycling machine that can easily be pulled with a semi to allow for asphalt recycling on site, effectively removing a major portion of the cost of asphalt. MICRO screen plants and MICRO Conveyors can be added to give an entirely mobile asphalt recycling plant that can easily recycle up to 500 tons per day, be run by a single operator, and load material directly to the dump trucks! And this is all accomplished with electric motors powered by generators and no hydraulics…”WOW!”

Quite simply, there is nothing in the entire world even remotely close to the size, portability, output capacity, and price point of our MICRO Plant machines.

The savings are absolutely real and staggering when you see how it can impact your business!

Check out our website for pictures, video, product specs, package deals, and all the Senya Crushers has to offer.

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Give us a call, we’d love to tell you more and show you how to get more of what everyone can’t have enough of, PROFIT!

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