The intercommunal business park INKOM in Zimmern is a great success: Numerous large and smaller companies have been settled down there within the last years. One of these companies is SIMA SOLUTIONS, a company with 12 employees, that is specialized in the maintenance of spindles.

„We provide service because of passion“, says CEO Samuel Ulmer, who cares for the customers‘ spindles together with his team. In former times, spindles are used to spin wool. Nowadays the spindles are made out of steel or aluminum, drive machinery and in Zimmern, the spindles are handled with kid gloves and maintained to meet highest standards. Sustainability plays an important role: Your car needs also a regular oil change. Same is for spindles, they require a regular maintenance, so that they run well and efficiently.

The spindles are demounted, cleaned, maintained, if necessary, repaired, modified and also stored in the new bright production hall of SIMA, where the employees have an ergonomic working place, including ceiling cranes that render the transport easier for big and heavy spindles.

„Many of our customers do not have this possibility: We store the maintained customer spindles and move and check them regularly.“

Here again a comparison to cars: If you take your car out of service for a longer time, you must restart the engine from time to time, so that everything will work again properly.

Ulmer and his team are pursuing the following values: individual consulting and customer satisfaction – with a great deal of success. The customers remain loyal for years and also within the team it works perfectly, the employees feel good. Samuel Ulmer emphasized: We don’t have any fluctuation. “

„We are a great team“ – The satisfaction of each employee is important to me.

And of course, those of our customers.

Therefore, we check the maintained spindles with an efficient test run before dispatch, as a matter of course by four-eyes principle.

Likewise, the sustainability: The company hall, moved in one year ago, corresponds to the latest environmental standards. On the roof of the company there is a photovoltaic system providing part of the required electricity. We already have invested in an akku store unit, the halls and offices are lighted by economic LED lamps, a sensor ensures that the light intensity always remains the same. If it is getting brighter outside, the light inside is dimming automatically and vice versa to protect the eyes. Separated sewage systems for service water and rainwater, a base plate completely dammed, for Samuel Ulmer it is a matter of course. All his processes are certified by the German TÜV for his environmental – and quality management.

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