Easy Engineering: Which are the most successful products/solutions in your lineup?

SiteTec: SiteTec offers all units that are needed on a HDD job site besides the drill rig and offer flexible and standard solutions. The best solutions for mixing, recycling, pumping or storage units on site. Units are designed for quickest rig-up and rig-down time and easy and efficient in transport.

E.E: How do your products differ from others on the market?

SiteTec: Our 30 years of experience and knowledge in the drilling industry ensures that we build units of the highest quality that are reliable and efficient. All units are designed using our extensive experience. We only supply top end units, built for highest performance and durability.

E.E: Tell us about their special features?

SiteTec: When we design our units, operators play a very important role. We learn from their user experience, together we optimize the unit. And make sure that they will give you the best result on any jobsite. Easy operation and maintenance are key. But also, their small footprint and the quickest rig up and rig down time.

  • Units are either fully hydraulic, electrically driven or equipped with a stage V diesel engine
  • Mechanical and electronic safety features
  • Super silent: designed to run under full load with closed doors
  • Thick steel piping
  • Extreme duty, extremely reliable
  • Plug and play unit

Check our wide range of units on our website! Our Units | SiteTec Units | 30 Years of Experience | SiteTec

E.E: Does SiteTec offer any other products or services?

SiteTec: SiteTec offers a complete rental fleet, check our offer on our website Rental Units | Check Out SiteTec’s Complete Rental Fleet | SiteTec With our rental equipment we support various projects. When all your units are in use, we are happy to support you with our equipment! You recognize our rental fleet by the orange SiteTec color. We also offer additional parts and tools for all equipment used on drilling job sites. We understand the importance of preventing machine down time. Therefore, in our warehouse of 350 m2 , we keep stock of most equipment and parts, ready for dispatch the same day. Our range of parts exist of Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM) and Independent Aftermarket Parts (IAM). SiteTec has most Aftermarket Parts produced by AMTEQ as we are an exclusive AMTEQ dealer. Check all the brands we work with on our website. Parts & Tools | Parts & Tools for Equipment at Drilling Job Sites | SiteTec

Besides constructing our own units we offer several products that make the jobsite more efficient and safer. LaValley Industries is the producer off safety tools like the Tonghand and the Deckhand.

In times where health is more relevant than ever, SiteTec is always looking for solutions and tools that guarantee the safety of employees and make our work more efficient. In our industry, the greatest risks and danger for our personnel lie in direct contact with the (moving) drill pipes. That is why we started looking for a tool that eliminates the use of back-breaking wrenches and removes personnel from working in danger zones. We have found a great partner in LaValley Industries, a high-quality reliable partner who innovates

Discover the Safest, Most Effective Material Handling Tools | SiteTec News and engineers pipe handling tools. LaValley Industries is recognized in the industry by both companies and branche organizations. The awards show their succes and regognition.

LaValley Industries is an American company founded in 2005 and a pioneer when it comes to innovative safety tools. The TONGHAND® and the DECKHAND® are the future of safety regulations on construction sites. LaValley Industries tools are strong, safe and versatile and are revolutionizing the way loads are handled. With unparalleled speed and precision, they surpass all other pipe handling tools. These tools eliminate risks and danger and work efficiently, which saves personnel costs.

E.E: Can you tell us more about the Tonghand and Deckhand?



Engineered to be the HDD industry’s ultimate tool, TONGHAND® by LaValley Industries allows drill rod to be torqued and un-torqued with precision by a single operator from the comfort and safety of the excavator cab. TONGHAND® eliminates the use of back-breaking wrenches and removes personnel from working in danger zones. TONGHAND® mounts to any brand of excavator—the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics safely and efficiently power the TONGHAND® system.

The TONGHAND®’s telescoping roller arms are used to pick up drill rod and securely lift, tilt, shift, rotate and precisely position a single rod or drill string under the total control of the operator. The patented TongVise™ easily makes and breaks joints with guaranteed precision. Whether working with drill rod, subs, reamers or other tooling, the TONGHAND® saves you time and money, while improving job-site.

Watch the video to see the Tonghands full potential.


Engineered around optimal safety, the DECKHAND® by LaValley Industries allows precise load handling and placement without the need for a ground crew working in the vicinity of moving pipe, poles or road mats. DECKHAND® is designed to work safely in any weather condition, including wind, mud, snow and ice. The DECKHAND® system is a modular design that consists of a main head unit used with a variety of interchangeable arms. The main head mounts to any brand of excavator—the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics then safely and efficiently power the DECKHAND® system. The interchangeable arms are used to pick up pipe, poles, casings or road mats and securely lift, lower, rotate, and tilt the load under the total control of the operator. Arms can grip securely from an offcenter position, allowing maximum control in areas with tight accessibility.

Watch the video to see the Deckhands full potential

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