Montech AG harnessed its powers of innovation to rework its table and floor stands. The slimmer design, the flexibility of multi-foot supports, and cost-effective solutions are revolutionizing the way workspaces are designed. 

The Swiss technology company Montech AG specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. Montech AG has redesigned its table and floor stands and included them in the online configurator. You can now configure the TB30 and TB40 belt conveyors directly together with the new table and floor stands. And the revised table and floor stands also offer many advantages. 

A wide range of equipment options

The slimmer, aesthetic design of Montech AG’s table and floor stands gives every workspace a modern appearance. The extended range of equipment options such as adjustable feet, swivel, and fixed castors opens up new possibilities. A wide range of mounting brackets is available for the TB40 belt conveyor, which allows the belt conveyor to be attached precisely. And for even more convenience, the TS30 table stands can be ordered directly at the desired working height. This saves time-consuming reworking before installation.

A wide range of crossbeams for multi-foot supports 

Instead of the previously permanently configured 4-foot supports, Montech’s new floor stands offer the option of flexibly designing multi-foot supports. Combined with various crossbeams as accessories, this opens up new design options. For the TB40 belt conveyor, there are both single and double crossbeams; the double crossbeams are especially well-suited for substructures with rollers.

Simple mounting options 

There are now also various mounting options for the new table and floor stands, including BW40 mounting brackets that can be used to fix a TB40 belt conveyor directly on a tabletop. The new mounting sets are also available as accessories for adaptation to an aluminum framing substructure.

Optimized support at the belt break

The support for Montech AG’s table and floor stands has also been optimized. Previously, the point where the belts are joined always had to be supported on both sides, but the new floor stands allow this to be done directly at the belt break. This reduces the number of floor stands required.

Simple configuration for individual requirements 

The new floor stands are easy to configure. For the TB30 belt conveyor, select the basic version of the floor stand and then configure the desired options. Three adjustable floor stands and two with a defined working height are available for the TB40 belt conveyor. The table and floor stands can then be configured according to individual requirements, for example adjustable feet, swivel or fixed castors, and matching crossbeams for the multi-foot supports can be selected as accessories.

Flexibility thanks to the aluminum framing system MPS

Our new table and floor stands are more flexible than ever before. Thanks to new equipment options and more accessories, you can design them to suit your individual needs. And because they are based on our new aluminum framing system MPS, you can add more components from this product line to the table and floor stands if required. 

Cost-effective solution

In addition to the many functional advantages, Montech AG’s new table and floor stands also bring considerable cost savings. The revised floor stands offer savings of up to 17%, while the table stands for the TB30 even save you up to 65%.