Bosch Power Tools uses artificial intelligence (AI) for lawnmowing. With machine learning, Bosch improves the robotic lawnmower Indego’s obstacle detection on the lawn. To do this, sensor-based data such as motor currents, acceleration, speed and orientation are processed. “We use AI to make lawnmowing even easier,” said Henning von Boxberg, President of the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH. “We understand the needs of our users: They want a beautiful garden with as little effort as possible”. Thanks to autonomous lawncare, the Indego relieves the user of lawnmowing. With AI, Bosch increases the ease of use even further. Von Boxberg: “It is our vision that every Indego will learn individually and adapt itself perfectly to the garden.”

Already today, Bosch is using the data from the connected Indego robotic lawnmower for improved obstacle detection. Until now, for example, the lawnmower might confuse long grass with garden furniture or playground equipment. This kind of feedback is analyzed and simulated in Bosch’s own test gardens. Algorithms are then developed on the basis of classified data sets. During mowing, these algorithms automatically check a large number of possible solutions to enable the Indego to master certain situations more efficiently. Following its successful practical test, the software update is available for users. For Connect models, updates are installed “over the air”. In future, every Indego is supposed to learn individually – and make its own decisions. “In addition to software updates for all users, we will improve the individual performance of the Indego for the garden in which it is used,” explained Henning von Boxberg. “Every user will be able to say: I have the best Indego for my garden.”

More convenience: Voice control and innovation through software

Robotic lawnmowers are a key growth segment for Bosch Power Tools. Innovation and consistent further product development are key drivers: The Indego from Bosch is the only robotic lawnmower on the market that systematically mows the lawn in lanes. The Indego is now treading new ground thanks to voice control. “We consistently gear our products towards the needs of users to make gardening easier. Our Indego S+ is one of the first robotic lawnmowers on the market that can be controlled by Amazon Alexa,” said Henk Becker, Managing Director of the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH and, among other aspects, responsible for development. Users can easily start, stop, or park Indego S+ using voice command. By using voice control, users can also find out when the Indego S+ last mowed the lawn or when the next cut is planned. “Our Indego is also the only robotic lawnmower that calculates the best time to mow your lawn by using a weather forecast from the internet. We call it ‘SmartMowing’.” Autonomous lawn care is made even more efficient and flexible with the “MultiArea” and “SpotMow” functions. With “MultiArea”, you can now mow multiple garden areas, for example at the front and back of the house, while “SpotMow” allows taking care of small, specific areas. “The new software also ensures better battery management: The runtime per battery charge has increased by 50 percent to 45 minutes,” said Henk Becker. This makes the Indego even faster.