solarmetrics is a holistic marketing tool that helps companies to visualize their energy production data in a meaningful way. Displayed on monitors at the desired location, the added value of green energy is not hidden on an app, but made accessible for the public. It’s an easy and functional way to communicate sustainability to customers, guests or employees.

How is the evaluation of the data displayed?

Visualized in various diagrams, the results of the power generation are collected in different intervals. The specialty of solarmetrics lies in providing meaningful insight to the naked data: The generated energy is translated into a variety of possible use cases (f.e.: operation of refrigerators, power supply for households etc.) or CO2 compensation. Furthermore, the whole interface can be adjusted to the design of the company: logo implementation and color adaptions ensure a consistent look of the very own brand.

Can all common inverters be connected?

Yes, we at solarmetrics are currently working with all big players like FroniusSolarEdgeSmart1Victron EnergySMA and Huawei. Furthermore, we also constantly expand our portfolio and are very happy to announce, that all listed manufacturers can be accumulated and combined with each other.

What other features does solarmetrics offer?

The initial playlist with all the generated infographics is presented as a self-running-slideshow on the monitor at the desired location. In addition to those visualizations, the client can add their very own content in the form of images, texts or videos. It doesn’t matter how many playlists should be generated or which content should be displayed at what time – the customer has full freedom of control.

How is content management handled?

Every user gets access to the solarmetrics cockpit – a content management system – where all the slides and control options are administrated.

What led to the development of solarmetrics?

We experienced that green energy doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The added value of the photovoltaic system is often only visible to private individuals via an app, but not to the public. For many people, sustainable power generation is an abstract topic that doesn’t deepen their understanding of sustainability. Therefore, with solarmetrics, we have developed a tool that makes the public communication of generation data a child’s play – without any additional manual effort for evaluation and interpretation of the data needed.

For which industries is solarmetrics suited?

We experienced, that many employers in the industry sector, hotel & gastronomy, municipalities or car dealers already integrate green energy into their business processes but fail to publish the data and be proud of the investment and the progress. Therefore, we primarily partner with companies from these sectors and work together towards a green future. But nevertheless, any company which is willing to stage their results and added value in green energy is welcome to join the movement of solarmetrics!

How to get in touch?

A free demo appointment can be easily booked online. Also check out our Instagram and our website where we provide some further insight to the product or send us a mail if you have specific questions. |