Solarstone, a front-runner in Estonia’s renewable energy sector, is renowned for its building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology. The company aims to make renewable energy accessible, aesthetically appealing, and affordable, shaping its product design and delivery.

Solarstone’s products are used in residential, commercial, and public buildings, and the company offers customised solutions for unique architectural structures, showcasing its versatility and dedication to sustainable energy.

With successful installations in various countries, Solarstone demonstrates its international adaptability. Committed to renewable energy and a sustainable future, the company continues to evolve.

Illuminating the Solar Landscape: Solarstone’s Core Areas of Focus

Solarstone’s commitment to sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solar solutions centers on three core areas:

  • Product Development: Solarstone’s creative approach results in high-quality BIPV solutions like the Solar Full Roof, Solar Tiled Roof, and Solar Carport. These products blend efficiency and aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal of structures.
  • Customised Implementation: Recognising the uniqueness of each client, Solarstone offers tailored solar solutions, ensuring compatibility with architectural designs and specific needs.
  • Partnership and Collaboration: Solarstone collaborates with architects, builders, and suppliers, facilitating solar energy adoption. Their partner program supports and incentivises partners for mutual growth in the renewable energy sector.

These focus areas empower Solarstone to make solar energy accessible and visually attractive, transforming conventional structures into sustainable energy sources.

Reimagining Carports: Solarstone’s Groundbreaking Solar Carport

Solarstone, known for its innovative renewable energy solutions, has recently launched the Solar Carport. This functional carport structure combines high-efficiency solar panels, aligning renewable energy and vehicle protection. Not only does it shelter vehicles, but it also generates electricity, usable for self-consumption or grid sell-back, making it a cost-effective and revenue-generating investment.

Built from sturdy, galvanised, and painted steel profiles, the carport withstands corrosion. Its design allows for a personal touch with CLT timber cladding. The Solar Carport also features an integrated 22 kW EV charger for electric vehicles, enhancing sustainability.

With the Solar Carport, Solarstone continues to redefine traditional structures, emphasising sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Solarstone’s Stellar Portfolio: Powering Sustainable Futures

Solarstone offers a diverse product portfolio, integrating solar energy into various structures with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. The Solar Full Roof offers a turnkey building-integrated PV solution that enhances visual appeal while delivering energy efficiency.

In contrast, the Solar Tiled Roof merges sustainability and aesthetics by replacing standard roof tiles with solar modules, ideal for a modern, low-maintenance look.

The recently launched Solar Carport is an innovative dual-purpose structure offering vehicle protection and electricity generation. It boasts resource-efficient, watertight solar panels that enhance aesthetics.

Solarstone displays its deep understanding of the evolving residential and commercial sectors’ needs with these products, transforming simple structures into sustainable energy solutions and redefining the future of renewable energy.

Navigating the Landscape: Solarstone in the Current Market

The solar sector is witnessing significant growth due to increased environmental awareness, governmental incentives, and technological advancements. Solarstone is well-positioned in this growing market, particularly in Europe, which aims for a 40% share of renewable energy by 2030.

Solarstone’s home base, Estonia, is experiencing a notable shift towards renewables. Despite its nascent solar market compared to countries like Germany or the Netherlands, demand is rapidly escalating. As a local company, Solarstone has an edge in understanding and serving the Estonian market and actively participates in the country’s energy transition.

Furthermore, Solarstone’s presence extends beyond Estonia, with solid footholds in Baltics, Nordics, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and plans to expand further across Europe. With its innovative products, commitment to sustainability, and profound market understanding, Solarstone is poised to prosper in the burgeoning renewable energy sector.

Shaping the Future: Current Market Trends in Solar Energy

Transitioning towards sustainable energy is increasingly crucial in the 21st century. This context stimulates trends in the solar market, where Solarstone is making a mark.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) are gaining traction, merging aesthetics with functionality, which aligns with Solarstone’s solutions like the Solar Full Roof and Solar Tiled Roof. The rise of residential and commercial solar installations signifies a shift from centralised to decentralised energy production, with consumers becoming prosumers.

The electric vehicle boom necessitates efficient charging solutions, and demand for Solarstone’s Solar Carport is met. Additionally, as more entities invest in solar for energy independence and protection against fluctuating costs, Solarstone’s high-efficiency products play a crucial role.

Integrating solar systems with digital platforms for efficient energy management is another growing trend that aligns with Solarstone’s forward-thinking approach.

These trends highlight a bright future for Solarstone and the solar industry. Solarstone is ready to shape the future of sustainable energy as the world embraces solar energy.

The Future is Here: A Vision for an Integrated Energy Ecosystem and Precision Planning

Solarstone stands out in the solar industry with its holistic vision for future homes. Their innovative product range, including the Solar Full Roof, Solar Tiled Roof, and Solar Carport, is designed to create an integrated energy ecosystem where each element of the home contributes to sustainability.

Rather than individual components, these products are interconnected elements enabling homeowners to manage their energy production, consumption, and storage. This facilitates an efficient transition towards a sustainable future.

Solarstone foresees the application of advanced technologies to enhance customer value. They envision a world where roof measurements and solar energy potential can be estimated remotely, streamlining the planning process and making it more eco-friendly.

Solarstone distinguishes itself as a trailblazer, advancing towards a fully sustainable, energy-efficient future rather than being just another solar product company.

Bright Horizons: Solarstone’s Outlook for 2023

Looking into 2023, Solarstone anticipates further growth and expansion, fuelled by heightened climate change awareness and the need for sustainable energy. The firm’s diverse product portfolio, appealing to homeowners and construction, architecture, and real estate sectors, expects increased adoption, particularly of the recently launched Solar Carport.

2023 is projected as a year of significant innovation for Solarstone to introduce novel technologies and services, enhancing customer experience and ease of solar energy transition.

While exact figures remain undisclosed, Solarstone’s outlook for the year is optimistic, spurred by global green initiatives and the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability.

With its mission to redefine solar energy solutions and make sustainability universally accessible, Solarstone’s future looks bright.

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