In 2019, the founding trio of solbytech became self-employed with their passion for technological problem solving. Since then, their know-how in the field of cloud-based software development has been used in individual projects, but has also been implemented in its own product developments and service offerings. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

SOLBYTECH: solbytech has found its niche with the energy industry and built a strong bridge between technology and sustainability. Sustainability involves more than just the use of renewable energy sources. It is also about conserving resources in the use of materials, efficiency in use, but also raising awareness of the topic – and it is precisely these approaches that solbytech implements.  Over the years, this has developed into the company’s product and service portfolio. 

E.E: What’s new about new products?

SOLBYTECH: With the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the software and cloud sector, we develop innovative solutions for the green tech sector. Our goal is development through innovative solutions. 

We are currently participating in a research project of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). We are developing an IT security scanner for decentralized power generation plants. It scans the decentralized network and gives possible recommendations for action based on the findings in the network. The advantage of this is that the scanner can be easily upgraded into the system as a software package. The scanner is intended as a long-term solution for constant monitoring and as a one-time solution for, for example, the transfer of a system into the portfolio or acceptance after installation. 

E.E: What are the ranges of new products?

SOLBYTECH: »solbyvise«, the hardware and software component for stabilizing the data connection between the decentralized ground-mounted system and the monitoring system, focuses primarily on the automation of operational management processes of the power generation plant. 

As a Green Energy info display, »solarmetrics« gives sustainably generated amounts of energy a meaningful appearance. As a content management system, the holistic marketing tool is primarily used for sustainability communication. Hotels, municipalities and companies thus receive a powerful tool that makes a significant contribution to raising awareness and educating people. 

As a third pillar, »solbysec« takes care of security precautions in the IT infrastructure of its clients. Vulnerability analyses, penetration tests and awareness training uncover security gaps and risks – because sustainable management is only possible if technological processes are also secured. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

SOLBYTECH: The latest and most innovative product is the »solarmetrics« Green Energy Infodisplay. In this way, solbytech is committed to raising awareness on the subject of sustainability. Many companies are already relying on sustainable energy sources and are thus actively committed to the energy transition. However, the exact extent of these resource-saving processes often remains unknown, because the data is difficult to grasp for a large proportion of the target audience. This is exactly where the product innovation »solarmetrics« comes in.  The Green Energy Infodisplay visualizes the amount of energy generated from sustainable energy sources, such as photovoltaic systems, using meaningful infographics and correlates the kilowatt hours generated with easy-to-understand comparative values. The viewer thus receives information not only about the actual electricity production of the plant, but also about the extent of the potential use and the associated CO2 compensation. This strengthens the awareness of sustainability and the image of the company!

The team behind »solarmetrics« is constantly developing new features and extensions for the Green Energy Infodisplay in order to promote awareness of sustainable energy generation.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

SOLBYTECH: Due to the current crises, even more attention must be paid to sustainability. In addition, the topic of cyber security will become increasingly important, as every company and every person can become a victim of cyber-attacks. No matter for what reason. That’s why we start with our solutions for the green tech and sustainability sector exactly where they are needed. We want to continue to contribute to this with our innovations in the future.