As we step into 2024, SPEKTRA reflects on the challenges and triumphs of 2023 while unveiling a robust roadmap for the upcoming year. Despite a challenging global landscape marked by economic uncertainty and increased price sensitivity, the company’s diversified business model proved resilient, enabling SPEKTRA to weather the storm. In an exclusive article, SPEKTRA spokesperson – CEO Martin Nicklich and Business Development Manager Audrey Stein provide insights into the company’s performance in 2023 and outline ambitious plans for the future.

Recap of 2023: Weathering the Storm with Diversification

In the face of international challenges, recession, and budget constraints for many businesses, SPEKTRA’s resilience stood out. Within the company’s comprehensive solution portfolio, services play a pivotal role. In fact, the company’s expertise extends beyond the development, manufacturing, and sale of exciters, systems, and solutions for sensor testing and calibration. Notably, SPEKTRA integrates services utilizing their own advanced equipment within accredited laboratories. This dual focus on both products and services allows the company to present alternative solutions, such as calibration and testing services, particularly valuable for customers navigating budget limitations. The incorporation of services alongside manufactured goods enhances SPEKTRA’s flexibility in addressing diverse customer needs. 

Yet, the commitment to R&D and innovation remained unwavering, with the introduction of new CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems for shock and rotation rate sensors. The launch of the SE-20 vibration exciter and the expansion of the eCal™ software underscored the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and growing industry requirements.

Unveiling Innovations and Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary in 2024

Building on the success of 2023, SPEKTRA looks forward to a landmark year with several product launches. The SE-2X series of vibration exciters, set to grow by at least two new vibration exciters alongside the SE-20 in 2024, promises improved performance in terms of frequency range, robustness, temperature resistance and maximum payload. This will allow an extended scope of possible applications for sensor testing and development. Additionally, the company plans to expand its CS Q-LEAP™ calibration systems to include acoustics, enabling customers to test and calibrate acoustic and audiometry sensors in free field chambers or in pressure chambers. The eCal™ software will also undergo further enhancements, facilitating communication with the CV-10 mobile calibration system and offering new functionalities beyond calibration protocols. 

As the company celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024, this significant milestone serves as a catalyst for an array of exciting plans. The celebration year provides a unique opportunity for SPEKTRA to showcase its legacy of innovation and excellence. In line with this, the company has strategically aligned product launches with a scheduled roadshow and dedicated anniversary events. This confluence allows SPEKTRA to not only introduce cutting-edge products but also to commemorate three decades of industry leadership.

Navigating Market Shifts with a Commitment to Quality and Collaboration

In response to the evolving market landscape, marked by heightened price sensitivity and a shifting focus towards corporate social responsibility and sustainability, SPEKTRA has strategically positioned itself as a beacon of reliability and durability. The company recognizes that in such dynamic times, customers seek more than just competitive pricing; they seek future-proof, robust, and sustainable solutions. A distinguishing factor in SPEKTRA’s offerings lies in the comprehensive, long-term support packages accompanying their products. Recognizing that the lifecycle of sensors and calibration equipment extends far beyond the initial purchase, the company is dedicated to build lasting relationships, providing not just products but complete solutions that stand the test of time.

Crafted from high-quality components, SPEKTRA systems and exciters are designed to endure the rigors of wear and tear and are a tangible expression of the company’s promise to customers – reliability at every step of the way. Beyond immediate operations, SPEKTRA extends their commitment to quality to their network of suppliers, actively seeking local partners who share dedication to high-quality standards and reliability. 

Martin Nicklich, CEO of SPEKTRA

Furthermore, SPEKTRA places immense value on its worldwide network of distributors and sales partners. Recognizing the importance of these collaborations, the company goes beyond the transactional and invests in long-term relationships. Specialized training programs and the provision of high-quality content are integral components of this approach. By ensuring that distributors understand the unique needs and requirements of customers, SPEKTRA empowers them to provide tailored solutions. This collaborative effort is not just about selling products but about fostering a shared commitment to customer satisfaction and industry excellence.

Best-Selling Products of 2023 and Growth Outlook for 2024

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, SPEKTRA witnessed the outstanding performance of its flagship product, the CV-10 mobile vibration calibration system. Renowned for its versatility, the CV-10 not only serves as a robust solution for on-site calibration but also excels as a tabletop vibration test system for small sensors and measurement devices. The company strategically expanded the options for the CV-10, ensuring an optimal price-performance ratio, thereby meeting the diverse needs and requirements of its customers in various industries. 

Audrey Stein, Business Development at SPEKTRA

Furthermore, for national metrology institutes globally, SPEKTRA’s calibration systems garnered significant acclaim, establishing themselves as highly precise, reliable, and of superior quality, especially in primary calibration applications. As SPEKTRA looks ahead to 2024, the company remains attuned to emerging trends, anticipating sustained success in the automotive and crash test industry, the growth of digital sensors, and the increasing demand for MEMS and hybrid sensors with digital interfaces. By aligning its offerings with these evolving market dynamics, SPEKTRA positions itself as a pioneering force in the sensor testing and calibration domain.

For 2024, SPEKTRA foresees significant growth in the automotive and crash test industry, given the rise of autonomous driving and evolving technologies. The company’s collaboration with national metrology institutes is expected to strengthen further. The burgeoning digital sensor market, including MEMS and hybrid sensors, presents another growth opportunity. SPEKTRA aims to establish itself as a key player in this sector through its cutting-edge Device Testing solutions

Motivation and Collaboration as Pillars of Success

In a short message to collaborators, SPEKTRA emphasizes the importance of motivation, partnership and teamwork. Recognizing the dedication of employees and partners, the company values open communication and transparency. As SPEKTRA embarks on its 30th year, the company expresses gratitude for the collective efforts that have shaped its success and looks forward to a mutually rewarding 2024.

SPEKTRA’s strategic vision for 2024 reflects a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and long-term partnerships. As the company navigates dynamic market shifts, the launch of new products, and a celebration of its 30th anniversary, SPEKTRA stands poised for continued success and growth in the coming year.

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Audrey Stein, Head of Marketing & Business Development