With over 30 years of experience, SSB is the industry expert in the field of bagging, weighing and control technology and offers complete bagging lines in addition to an extensive delivery program. The company supplies complete lines from the silo discharge to the finished pallet.

Easy Engineering: What product range and what types of services do you offer?

Weighing, bagging and control technology. Palletising technology/palletising solutions. Complete systems, silo discharge, packaging machines, lorry loading technology, system construction, silo control.

Supplementary to this: Customer service, calibration preparation and calibration, spare parts service, weighing components.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products/solutions and what are their special features?

Gross bagging scale Multifill BE 25:

Special features:

E.E: How do your best products/solutions work?

High-speed palletising robots:

Multifill BE25:

The Multifill BE25 gross bagging scale is a modular system for different packaging materials and different products. All types of open-mouth/valve bags can be filled with the Multifill BE25. Different products with different flow characteristics can be fed using different dosing systems, such as a dosing flap, dosing screw or vibrating chute. The interchangeable spout system allows different filling spouts to be fitted to the weigher for filling open-mouth or valve bags. The bayonet quick-change flange and the corresponding pneumatic and electrical couplings allow quick and easy nozzle changes. The scales can be cleaned easily and simply thanks to the simple and adaptable design of the systems. This is particularly important for products that must not be mixed or that require reliable cleaning for hygienic reasons.

The basic principle of the Multifill BE25 gross weigher is:

  • Base frame (same for valve and open-mouth spouts)
  • Compact control unit with touch panel
  • Highest possible accuracy in accordance with calibration law
  • Capacities up to 160 bags / hour
  • Pneumatic bag clamp
  • Different dosing systems, e.g. rotary flap infeed for free-flowing products, screw infeed for powdery products, vibrating chute infeed for lumpy products
  • Interchangeable spouts for mounting the various bag spouts
  • Dust extraction system 

The Multifill BE25 can be optionally extended with the following components:

  • Bag inflation device
  • Adjustable bag chair with and without compressor
  • Wheel set for mobile use
  • Integrated or side-mounted sealing system with two sealing bars and sealing regulator
  • Bag conveyor belt with height-adjustable sewing machine for bag closing

E.E: What types of projects do customers use your products / solutions for?

Example project: Conveyor system Complex bag transport

For a project where the bagging silos were 400 meters away from the palletising and storage hall, a cost-effective solution had to be found. The challenge was to plan the system in existing structures. At the same time, the operation had to be fully automatic and 100% monitored. The picture shows the complex construction from the silo system via pipe bridges to the palletising and storage hall.

Example container tipping chassis, weighing and unloading

This system was developed to unload bulk containers with plastic granulate and to repack the products for local requirements and logistical processing.

The containers are placed on a tipping device with an integrated, certified weighing bridge using a reach stacker. The weight of the container is read and then emptied into a hopper underneath. After emptying, the empty weight of the container is read and the actual net weight of the batch is determined.

Due to the design of the tipping chassis, the weighing technology is completely separate from the structure. For weighing, a weighing frame with 4 measuring cells is lifted hydraulically to decouple the container from the tipping chassis. The hydraulic lift is ensured by special synchronised cylinders and controls. Interlocking with the tipping station is guaranteed. Two tipping stations are controlled by one control unit.

The special SSB design of the tipping units with integrated scales guarantees simple and absolutely safe handling.

Operating sequence

A traffic light signals to the forklift driver that a new container can be placed. The container ID number is entered at the operating terminal. Press the initial weighing button to raise the weighing frame and determine the gross weight. The weighing frame is lowered and the Twistlook locks are locked manually by the operator.

E.E: How important is innovation / R&D in your field?

Innovation drives progress at SSB Wägetechnik by offering creative solutions to existing challenges or creating new opportunities. Innovation is our engine for economic growth by opening up new markets and strengthening competitiveness. Overall, innovations play a key role in shaping the future of our company. By continuously searching for new ideas and solutions, we and our team can create more efficient and advanced solutions for our customers. 

E.E: how do your products/solutions increase profitability for users?

The profitability of products and solutions is a key factor for our customers. Our innovative technologies and efficient processes on the machines are key factors that can improve profitability. By integrating new technologies, workflows can be optimised, productivity increased and costs reduced. This leads to an overall more efficient utilisation of resources, which in turn increases profitability for users.

Example of a palletising robot:

The Okura palletising robot Ai1800CE reliably and efficiently palletises bagged goods, cartons and canisters and packs them safely and compactly for further transport. The new robot from Okura is available in three different versions, which vary depending on the bagging capacity. This means that every customer can select a robot to suit their requirements. The robots are characterised above all by their high reliability and functionality. They are virtually maintenance-free and receive rapid assistance from support centres worldwide.

Advantages of the Ai1800CE palletising robot

  • Ultra high speed
  • High loading capacity
  • Large application range
  • Low noise level
  • Low energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly

E.E: how do you see the future in your field?

Market trends reflect changes in demand, consumer preferences, technological advances and economic conditions. We serve many different industries that process the following products, for example: Plastics, building materials, cereals, pet food, fertilisers/salts, coffee/tea, etc. Each industry has its own requirements and developments, and every single one of our customers has to deal with current challenges such as the energy crisis. 

There is an increasing demand for turnkey projects, not like in the past where each individual machine was built by different manufacturers and delivered to the customer. 

Today, our customers are demanding solutions where we are responsible for the complete realisation and completion of the project as a general contractor.

E.E: what are the business plans for 2024?

We will remain flexible and innovative, adapting to changing conditions as we prepare for the coming years and look at the different markets.