SSB Wägetechnik is the partner in weighing technology, with foresight and experience in the provision of packaging machines. From budgeting and planning to complete logistics! The company places the highest emphasis on sophisticated control technology, ensuring high weighing precision with fast processing.

Interview with Ulrich Korn, Management/Sales. SSB Wägetechnik GmbH.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Ulrich Korn: Weighing, bagging and control technology. Palletising technology/ palletising solutions. Complete systems, silo discharge, packaging machines, truck loading technology, plant engineering, silo control.

In addition: customer service, calibration preparation and verification, spare parts service, weighing components.

E.E: What’s new about new products?

U.K: High-speed palletising robot & CSA 165: Fast, flexible and compact bagging system.

E.E: What are the product ranges?

U.K: The range of our products extends from the classic weighing of bulk or unit loads to the filling of open-mouth, valve and FFS bags and the filling of large containers such as big bags and octabins. 

Palletising technology: Our palletising robots reliably and efficiently palletise bagged goods, cartons and canisters and pack them safely and compactly for further transport. 

SSB products are manufactured according to the most modern and highest quality standards. Our production chain is characterised by high precision.

E.E: What stage is the market at which you are currently active?

U.K: We serve customers from all industries that need to package their products (their bulk material) for further processing and transport. For example, the construction and chemical industries are currently experiencing a period of economic stagnation, which is felt at various levels and is interconnected in many ways. Both the construction and chemical industries are heavily dependent on investment and orders. In the chemical industry, rising raw material prices are a significant problem. The construction industry faces similar challenges, particularly in relation to the rising cost of building materials and, in addition, increasingly stringent environmental regulations are an issue in both industries.

Technological advances: The bulk materials handling industry has benefited from significant technological advances. Automated conveying and handling systems, sensor technologies and IoT applications have significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of moving, processing, packaging and transporting bulk materials.

Increased efficiency through machines: Processes are taken over that human workers can no longer and no longer necessarily perform.

Digitalisation and automation: 

Digitisation plays a crucial role in the bulk materials industry, as it offers the possibility to optimise and streamline processes in operations. Product traceability is a crucial aspect in business that helps to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of products. It refers to the ability to track the entire life cycle of a product from its manufacture to its delivery to the consumer. This includes the collection and storage of information on origin, manufacturing processes, storage, transport and distribution channels. And this is where SSB Wägetechnik GmbH comes in with its automation solutions. Our customers increasingly expect customised solutions that meet their specific requirements. This requires us to be flexible and adaptable. We are required to be innovative in order to remain competitive and at the same time meet the requirements for economic efficiency, sustainability and safety. The market will continue to evolve as the demand for new technologies in packaging and logistics solutions remains across all industries.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

U.K: Market trends reflect changes in demand, consumer preferences, technological advances and economic conditions. We serve a very wide range of industries, processing products such as: Plastics, Building Materials, Grains, Pet Food, Fertilisers/ Salts, Coffee/ Tea etc. Every industry has its own requirements and developments, every single one of our customers has to deal with current challenges, such as the energy crisis. 

Increasingly, turnkey projects are required, not as in the past where each individual machine was built by different manufacturers and delivered to the customer. 

Today, our customers demand solutions where we, as the general contractor, are responsible for the complete realisation and completion of the project.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

U.K: The Multifill BE-25 gross bagging scale is a modular system for different packaging materials and different products. All types of open/valved bags can be filled with the Multifill BE25. Different products with different flow properties can be fed by different dosing systems, such as dosing flap, dosing screw or vibrating chute.

The interchangeable nozzle system allows different filling nozzles to be mounted on the scale for filling open-mouth or valve bags. The bayonet quick-change flange as well as the corresponding pneumatic and electric couplings allow a quick and easy nozzle change.

The scale is easy and simple to clean due to the simple and adaptable design of the systems. This is particularly important for products that must not be mixed or that require reliable cleaning for hygienic reasons.

E.E: What are your estimates for the rest of 2023?

U.K: The forecast for the rest of the year is certainly marked by a certain degree of uncertainty, as it is based on a variety of factors that may change over the course of the next year. 

We remain flexible and innovative, and will adapt to changing conditions as we prepare for the year ahead. In our company, we are looking ahead to the coming year and are already planning for client projects for 2024/ 2025.