church solar roof in Estonia with Solarstone Solar Full Roof™.


Estonian Solarstone offers a universal aluminum framing kit that renders essentially any solar panel into 2in1 weatherproof roofing material without any additional sublayer. The patented framing kit is called Click-on™ and it’s transforming the concept of BIPV for new-builds and renovation projects amidst the Renovation Wave unrolling in the EU.

Click-on framing kit makes possible Solar Full Roof, which is the end product and is accessible to customers. Click-on and Solar Full Roof tackle the main issues BIPV has been facing – compatibility and complexity of installation. The framing kit does not require any screws or adhesive to combine with standard PV modules. As a bonus, the kit can be easily added on site and together with aluminum non-active dummy modules the most complex rooftop configurations can be handled with ease. Innovative 2in1 system has been successfully tested against fire, wind uplift and snow-load. 

Solarstone in-roof solar solutions have always had a green light when it comes to restrictions imposed in national heritage areas, where standard PV installations are disallowed. The Click-on framing kit steps up the eye-friendly concept even more, making it the most cost-effective BIPV solution on the market. Solarstone plans to install 10 000 full solar roofs in the next few years and attain global BIPV market leadership in the fast-growing retrofit and new-build solar rooftop segment.

Currently, a mere 10% of the EU building stock (130 million units) has been upgraded to meet climate change targets and efficiency standards. Significant opportunity exists equally for retrofits and new-builds to both residential and non-residential buildings throughout the EU.

A game-changer in the industry

  • Solar Full Roof has major advantages over conventional integrated and on-roof solar installations.
  • Easy to install. Standard 80m2 rooftop can be easily fitted with panels in just one day. 
  • Highly aesthetic. Equally suitable for churches in the Nordics and villas along the French Riviera.
  • Cost-effective. Competitive pricing when weighing against conventional on-roof solar installations.
  • BIM models. Professional Revit and Archicad users can take full advantage of the 3D BIM models.

Fully covered solar roof

Dummy panels can be easily utilized in the roof perimeter, areas with permanent shading and positions with fixed obstacles (chimneys, skylights, ventilation outlets, snow barriers etc). Dummy panels are made from aluminum honeycomb panels and are framed with the same Click-on technology. Solar and dummy panels modules blend naturally with the overall concept of a modern solar roof. Special transition flashings are available to accommodate regular roofing material if passive aluminum modules are not the first choice.

Silver Aednik, the CEO of Solarstone: “We see good momentum for fast deployment of on-site solar and demand-side flexibility solutions across Europe. Smart solar roofs and facades will gradually become an integral part of residential and commercial building’s stock. By combining energy storage and innovative BIPV there is vast potential in transforming buildings into local green ‘gas stations‘ ”.