Heimann Sensor is an established manufacturer of highest quality infrared thermopiles, thermopile modules (including advanced signal processing) and thermopile arrays for remote temperature measurement and gas detection. With high innovation power, Heimann Sensor is the world market leader for low pixel count infrared imaging. Their thermopile arrays also hold the world record for the highest spatial resolution thermopile array with 120×84 pixels. Besides thermopiles, our product portfolio includes pyroelectric sensors, infrared light sources and vacuum sensors.

Heimann Sensor manufactures more than 15 million sensors each year and the trend is rising. Their main production site Heimann Sensor Packaging Sdn. Bhd is located in Senai, Malaysia.

Interview with Christin de Witt, Marketing Specialist at Heimann Sensor.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of your company? What do you produce? 

Christin de Witt: Founded in 2002, our company Heimann Sensor GmbH has become an established manufacturer of high quality infrared thermopiles, thermopile arrays, thermopile modules and pyroelectric sensors for remote temperature measurement and gas analysis. Other products are vacuum pressure sensors and IR light sources. 

Thanks to our continuous effort and innovation power, our company has become world market leader for medium to high pixel count infrared arrays. 

E.E: What are the sensors used for? 

C.d.W: Our infrared sensors and arrays can be implemented in a variety of different industrial and private devices. As the requirements of targeted applications are diverse, in many cases we closely cooperate with our customers to create specific, customized solutions. 

Generally, our main applications include medical devices, such as in-ear and non-contact thermometers, smart-buildings including person detection and air quality observation, automotive applications, consumer products or industrial process control.

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E.E: Tell us about the sustainable solutions that you offer 

C.d.W: Our infrared arrays, used in home automation systems, heating devices and air conditioning systems, enable a targeted use of cooling and heating capacity – thanks to infrared presence detection, and thus make an excellent contribution to reducing energy and costs. 

New arrays with a higher number of pixels (60×40, 84×60, 120×84) expand the possible uses not only for offices and smaller building but also for public spaces and for greater distances or room heights. 

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Have a look e.g. at this lighting control system implemented in one of our customers buildings. 

Our infrared array HTPA 32x32d L1.9 is installed:

E.E: Tell us about R&D and innovations 

C.d.W: A major focus of our company is in R&D because one of our our main goals is to always be first in the market with the smallest and fastest infrared thermopile arrays with the highest possible resolution. Moreover, with our mission for better sustainability and energy saving, we simultaneously support different R&D projects. Usually, in these projects we cooperate with other companies, universities and research institutes. 

To just give you an example, we are part of the European project AGRARSENSE that started this January and brings together 52 partners from 15 EU countries. It aims to promote digital innovations for sustainable management in agriculture and forestry. It supports the implementation of various approaches from the areas of Industry 4.0 and “Smart Farming”. The topic of sustainability through the targeted use of energy and resources is considered, as well as healthy and sustainable production.

The consortium will develop European state-of-the-art technologies for the production of electronic components, sensors and systems for future requirements such as European resilience and climate change. A thermopile array sensor on autonomously driving vehicles for fire detection and animal identification will be our contribution.

E.E: How do you see sustainability in the future? 

C.d.W: This seems a personal question. I personally think, sustainability and the environment of our planet can only be saved in a global cooperation, in which politicians come together and set the legal standards plus common goals for more sustainability. Simultaneously, companies all over the world have to be motivated or in some cases forced to produce more environmentally friendly. Finally, yet importantly, every individual should take care regarding its impact on sustainability. 

Heimann Sensors’ products – used intelligently – can make a difference in the sustainability management of many companies and devices. 

E.E: How can we get in touch with you? 

C.d.W: The easiest way to get in touch with us would be to write us an email to or give us a call +49 6123 605030. If you have specific interest in one of our products, you can also use the contact form that every product section offers on our homepage. 

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