Sustainability is one of the key pillars of QuickMOVE’s company Strategy. The owner of QuickMOVE, Goffin Holding GmbH is focusing on Sustainable Solutions. Their other focus besides the QuickMOVE Conveyor System is Innovative Energy Systems. Here in particular the use of residual heat in the industry sector. 

QuickMOVE GmbH Conveyor Systems are consequently designed as a building blocks system. Which allows to re-use up to 98% of the material used, when one project is finished, and the system must be adjusted for the next job. In case some elements do not fit, QuickMOVE can deliver new components in exchange for available ones. 

The aluminum used for the conveyor system is energy intensive to produce. Therefore, the re-use is one key element to reduce the environmental impact of QuickMOVE. A local supply base is another declared strategy of QuickMOVE to already focus environmental requirements during the product development cycle as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials. In Operations, material which is no longer used is sorted and passed directly into the established recycling circle. 

In Business operations we focus as well on minimum environmental impact. Use of public transportation, e-mobility, effective home office agreements, air heat pumps for heating are among other actions, key elements to reduce environmental impact. This, paired with the clean technologies, Goffin Group is focusing on, QuickMOVE is striving for Zero impact from their operations. 

For long term future, with growing QuickMOVE business, more opportunities will arise to improve environmental impacts of manufacturing technologies by sharing materials among different projects and jobs.