This grant from the Swedish Energy Agency supports Enerpoly in reaching industrial-scale production of zinc-ion batteries to meet the global need for sustainable energy storage

Enerpoly, a zinc-ion battery innovator, has been awarded an $8.4M / 88.5M SEK three-year grant from the Swedish Energy Agency, enabling the Stockholm company to demonstrate their patented technology with the world’s first megafactory to manufacture zinc-ion batteries. This grant marks the first step towards financing the production plant, and Enerpoly will raise additional private capital through a Series A funding round.

Enerpoly will establish its zinc-ion battery manufacturing plant, named ‘Enerpoly Production Innovation Center (EPIC)’, in the next three years. EPIC is the first of its kind, with a final capacity throughput of 100 MWh annually. It will reshape the stationary energy storage industry by demonstrating that zinc-ion batteries can be affordably and profitably mass-produced at scale, with attractive returns for investors.

Enerpoly is a Swedish company co-founded by Dr. Mylad Chamoun (CTO) and Dr. Samer Nameer (CSO), and led by Eloisa de Castro (CEO). Expanding on Dr. Chamoun’s prior research from Stockholm University, Enerpoly has developed an innovative zinc-ion battery technology from abundant materials, such as zinc and manganese. Using easily obtained and recyclable materials, Enerpoly’s zinc-ion batteries are insulated from supply chain issues and price volatility, providing reliable and economical energy storage. Enerpoly’s battery technology, characterised by its non-flammable and non-explosive properties, is well-suited for use in challenging applications, such as critical infrastructure and densely populated urban areas.

The project roadmap for the grant includes developing automated manufacturing systems to streamline processes, improving energy efficiency in cell production, and ensuring optimal productivity and safety at the plant. Enerpoly will also work to build a sustainable European value chain, strengthen intellectual property protection, and further expand its workforce in Sweden. This is a step towards greater energy security and accelerated adoption of renewable energy, which aligns with the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal.

“This is a major milestone for Enerpoly, and for zinc-ion battery technology globally. Our EPIC zinc-ion plant, we will showcase how this technology is scalable and can enable the large-scale adoption of renewable energy,” said Enerpoly Co-founder and CTO Mylad Chamoun. “With the backing of partners like the Swedish Energy Agency, Enerpoly’s zinc-ion batteries can help cement Sweden’s position at the forefront of this critical energy transition.”

The funding will support initiatives to prove that zinc-ion batteries can reduce carbon emissions in energy storage, strengthen European competitiveness, and help diversify the battery supply chain. The Swedish Energy Agency has supported 250 startups with approximately €90 million ($100 million), helping drive sustainable growth.