Swedish startup VISS.AI has unveiled the world’s first AI office worker, capable of automating everyday business tasks with high accuracy. The company’s founders want to enable anyone, even people without technological skills, to talk to their apps and automate tasks.

“The majority of businesses spend large amounts of time performing repetitive and tedious tasks in different systems, such as CRM and ERP platforms,“ says Philip Alm, CEO at VISS.AI. “Our solution understands commands in over 30 languages and enables anyone to build complex automations in minutes.“

By describing your workflow in natural language, VISS.AI understands which apps to connect to and which tasks to perform. “Think of it as a constantly available office worker that can perform virtually any task,” Philip Alm continues.

With new financial backing from Spintop Ventures and Starbright Invest, the company intends to fast-track the product’s release to the general public.

“The vision of VISS.AI inspires us, and we believe that this platform holds immense potential for enhancing productivity and unlocking creative possibilities,” commented Peter Carlsson, Partner at Spintop Ventures.

The product has been under development for the last two years. VISS.AI’s action-model works as a tool that builds complex integrations between systems in minutes instead of what would otherwise require weeks and months from big tech teams.

“VISS.AI’s approach to workflow automation has the potential to redefine how professionals engage with technology,” says Lovisa Skyborn, Investment Manager at Starbright Invest.

The startup reports significant benefits of their platform for small to medium enterprises. They anticipate releasing a study soon that will highlight the platform’s capabilities.

“AI makes it possible for small teams to make a tremendous impact. This will transform the competitive landscape where smaller companies can compete on similar terms as larger organizations”, says Philip Alm.

The company has released a waitlist where users may now register for exclusive access before the public release.


The team behind VISS.AI is a team of young yet established AI and automation experts committed to building robust and reliable artificial intelligence and making it accessible to everyone –from small startups to large corporations. VISS.AI is headquartered in Jönköping, Sweden, and has close collaborations with Jönköping University and Science Park Jönköping.

About Spintop Ventures

Spintop Ventures is an early-stage technology venture capital firm. We invest in supporting innovative software-based technology companies from the Nordics to become sector leaders and drive the transformation into a long-term sustainable society.

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Our focus is to invest in entrepreneurial-driven, scalable companies with significant potential to grow – that create, change, or lead their field of business. We have a passion for technical and digital companies in combination with solutions to problems that can help us create a more sustainable world. Starbright Invest wants to take an active role in assisting companies to reach success.

For more information about how VISS.AI transforms workflow automation or partnership inquiries, please visit:

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