Conveyor systems are an important component for the efficient processing and production of goods. They ensure smooth and continuous conveying of product carriers and packaging. Here, it is crucial that the conveyor systems can be adapted flexibly and easily to various dimensions and requirements. 

The requirements for conveyor systems are diverse and they require flexibility. In particular, the handling of product carriers of different sizes and blister packaging of production parts require flexible and custom-made conveyor systems. The conveyor width and length as well as the working height must be defined individually in order to ensure smooth conveying. In addition, it must be possible to make additions and changes quickly and easily. 

Roller elements with or without side guides

Montech’s aluminum framing system offers a solution that fulfills these requirements. Its great flexibility provides a tailor-made solution for any production environment. The system consists of an extensive modular “toolbox.” Roller elements – with or without side guides – allow you to build a non-motorized roller conveyor that is perfectly matched to individual needs. The roller conveyor is available in width, length and working height according to individual customer requirements in order to achieve the optimal configuration for the products, product carriers or packages in question. If required, fixed stops can be positioned flexibly to control the sliding of products on the rails. 

Flexible benefits 

The high degree of flexibility in the design and dimensions of the roller track is a major advantage. Additions and changes are simple and easy to make. The aluminum framing system also offers the possibility of fixed or mobile substructures, with flexibly adjustable tilt angles if required. The simple and functional design as well as the system’s stability and durability also benefit customers. The short delivery times, thanks to the ready stock availability of individual components and the system’s attractive aesthetics round out the solution.