Since its foundation in the early sixties, Talleres Amenabar has been committed to designing, developing, manufacturing, and patenting the best lifting systems for multiple applications and providing clients with functional solutions by means of cutting-edge products and services. They have grown steadily over the years, becoming a pioneering company and a significant benchmark in the hoist and chain market both nationally and internationally. 

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

We have all the necessary means to carry out our activity and, thanks to our constant commitment to the incorporation of the best technology, as well as our wide experience in the industry, we have developed our own specialized know-how to yield the best results, offering maximum guarantees and complying with agreed deadlines. 

E.E: What is the key to the success of the company?

The key to our success is based on a perfect blend of tradition, high quality, and innovation. Our R&D Department is always seeking continuous improvement focused on developing new models, improving the quality as well as on supplying lifting solutions. This way, we can meet our clients’ requirements and remain at the forefront of the industry as true lifting specialists. Amenabar strives for excellence and is proud of its procedure for the design of each manufactured component. We strive to guarantee the maximum equipment useful life and always seek the safety, ease, and comfort of users. 

E.E: What is your main competitive advantage?

It should also be noted that one of our main competitive advantages lies in our daily work and commitment of our multidisciplinary team of professionals, which are highly trained and focused on continuously improving our processes. Thanks to this, we have won the best endorsement: the trust and loyalty of our clients. We are sure that, if we embrace our corporate philosophy, we will continue to innovate and conquer new horizons.