TASKING introduces the new version v7.0r1 of the VX-Toolset for Arm compiler toolchain, the fully integrated solution for embedded software development. The development platform allows software developers to take advantage of the popular Arm architecture used in many automotive systems such as airbags, body electronics and measurement devices.

The latest version v7.0 of the compiler toolchain VX-Toolset for Arm also supports the S32Z and S32E real-time processors from NXP® Semiconductor with Arm® Cortex®-R52 architecture. Together with the BlueBox debuggers, this makes TASKING a one-stop shop for developers of applications based on the NXP S32Z/S32E real-time processors.

In addition, the new generation of the VX-Toolset for Arm offers significant performance improvements for multicore software development with Arm-based microcontrollers from different manufacturers, such as the new Infineon TRAVEO® T2G multicore products. The toolset includes a powerful Eclipse-based C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker, as well as numerous integrated libraries that enable embedded software developers to generate fast and compact code. The compiler is safety-certified, including ISO 26262 up to ASIL D. The new version of the toolchain also supports the latest ISO/IEC 9899:2018 (C17) standard.

“With the new generation of the VX Toolset for Arm, we are providing automotive developers with the tools they need to develop sophisticated applications with Arm microcontrollers,” says Joachim Hampp, Product Architect at TASKING. “Our focus on safety and security demonstrates our commitment to high-quality solutions that meet the demanding requirements of the industry.”

For debugging and tracing complex automotive applications, the VX-Toolset for Arm allows connection to the hardware target via BlueBox debuggers, such as the recently introduced iC7mini. An Eclipse plug-in provides access to the powerful and versatile winIDEA IDE.