An innovative conveying system can optimize the transport and inspection of components in the automotive industry, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. Montech AG’s custom-tailored TB30 double-belt conveyor is such system. 

The automotive industry attaches great importance to the precise and reliable production of components. A company in this industry was looking for a customized solution to improve the transport and inspection of its components on the production line. Particular challenges arose from the specific contours, surfaces, and heights of the components, which deviated from the standard parameters. A custom-tailored solution was a must. 

TB30 belt conveyor with central clearance

The company found what it was looking for at Montech AG. This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyorstransfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. Its standardized TB30 double-belt conveyor enables efficient component control by providing clearance for inspection. Cameras positioned below the belt conveyor check the contours and surfaces of the components from below. To do this, the workpiece carriers slide into the central clearance with the components fixed downwards. The image processing system immediately detects and eliminates faulty parts. 

Standardized according to individual requirements.

The ability to adapt the TB30 double-belt conveyor to the customer’s specific requirements was decisive. To do this, Montech AG focused on increasing the distances downward by lifting the TB30 double-belt belt conveyors from 40 mm to 50 mm using bearings. The distance between the belts was adjusted according to the size of the components in order to guarantee precise transport. These optimizations not only enable smooth transport, but also simultaneous inspection of components.

Increased productivity and profitability

There are many customer benefits to this solution. By adapting to the existing structure, where the cameras are mounted below the transport area, effective component control is ensured. The components are transported safely and without interruption. If necessary, the components can be transported beyond the end of the belt without having the contours interfere with handling. All in all, Montech AG’s innovative conveying system makes increased productivity and profitability possible. 

Stainless steel oil collection pan

Another advantage is the stainless steel oil collection pan, which is integrated into the floor stand if necessary and installed directly below the TB30 belt conveyor. It also protects the work area from contamination. On request, rollers on the floor stand make the entire conveyor unit mobile and easily accessible. This means that the whole conveyor unit can be rolled away easily from the processing machine if needed – for maintenance work, for example. And as a universal unit, it can be used on several or different machines if you wish.