Tecnometal srl is an Italian PCBs manufacturer, leader Company, established closed to Milan since 1979 with own production lines. “Supply Quality, Services, for reliable electronics increasingly in research and innovation, respecting the environment, for peace and the improvement of the life of man today and that of future generations”.


Tecnometal manufacture since to the beginning Prototype and Small Series of PCBs in quick delivery.

In these years we have keep our distinctive Electronics Service’s nature, but extending the production range, integrating new services for Electronics Industry, through other new own Brands place by side as TM Electronics and TM Trade (Shenzhen Asia Trading).

-TM Trade for PCBs production for mass volume, through our own Chinese Company (Shenzhen Asia Trading).

-TM Electronics to Integrated services for Electronics Industry such as Design, DFM, Stencil, PCBA prototypes in quick delivery.


TECNOMETAL constantly issue new technologies for PCB applications, arise from its experiences. 

Like Pedestal an innovative substrate for very High Thermal Conductivity used mostly in Lighting, Automotive fields but in general everywhere is request a Thermal Solution.

Semi Flex is another example of our “research spirit”, that is a Low-Cost Solution for Flexible PCB. 

We are producing this technology for Automotive, Medical and everywhere the traditional PCB Rigi Flex is a too expensive solution. 

We cooperate with many R&D Centre of International Company such as ST Microelectronics, ABB, Polytechnic Milano, and others. 

Recently, caused from to the lack of components we are always more offering a support in the re-design of PCBs for versatile solutions able the employ different chip families in the “standing board”.


Tecnometal produces basically PCBs double side and multilayers in the most complexes technologies as for fine-line, fine pitch, micro holes, blind and buries vias, etc.

In short word at the highest levels of the technologies request from the industrial sector. 

Moreover, thanks to our own production line, we can reach the top market performances in terms of lead time and service.

For detail we invite to visit our web site www.tecnometal.net where you can see all technical details and download many interesting technical documentation


Tecnometal has improved in the last 8 years many cooperation with partners and Customers in Eastern Europe because we believe these markets are the present and will be the future of Electronics in Europe.

Deery Brook Is our Dealer in Romania and Hungary But we have other Agency in Cekia and Slovakia with the Company Marox, and Lenz in Poland.

Furthermore, from long time we are speakers in many Technical Seminars for Electronics Industry held in Romania, Cekia and Poland. 

We trust to improve our job in the next years, because we know these markets and we believe to get all the features to be a good Partner.


Tecnometal thanks to its Technical Support, Service and Reliability is continuing a path of constant growth, always accompanied by large investments. 

In 2021 we grew by 37% and this trend seems to be confirmed also this year.

These data are certainly influenced by general good trend of the Electronic Market, but our growth is steady since our born, and these levels are not so common for an Italian electronic company.

Innovation and New Product for the Electronic Industry 

As already mentioned, Tecnometal has a vocation to improve and develop new products.

Above all perhaps is the PEDESTAL the one with the greatest impact. 

This is a product with a high technological content, mainly used in the field of Lighting, Automotive, Power sectors thanks to the Thermal highest performances greater up to 100 times to the standard IMS technology substrates. 

We are among the few in Europe to develop this kind of technology.

Market Trend

In 2021 all the indicators have been positive. The Book to Bill (the ratio between invoices\orders) has been steadily over 2.00 all year long in Italy and with similar values in mostly European countries. 

Also, all the components’ families (semiconductors, passives, electromechanical, etc. are basically all grown up during past year. 

European Electronic market is forecast in growing also in 2022, all the indicators are towards this trend as declare also from recent market sector research. Orders Backlog’s stay high yet, even if grown forecast is less strong then 2021. Data source Assodel (I); Idea (D)

Tecnometal has a substantial backlog and above all a satisfaction from our customers that allow us to expect a 2022 as another year of great growth.

Among our many initiatives towards the market of this year as Technical Seminars, Exhibition, we will issue a new PCB’s E-Commerce Service as well as to improve communication channel of our sales Department with a new On-Line Chat to be added at the traditional communication tools as e-mail and phone.

Furthermore, Tecnometal is long time IPC Member’s and a Founding partner of the E-DAY (Technical Italian Association for Electronic Training).

Today we strongly hope coronavirus allow us to take up again as speakers in the Technical Seminar in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia that are also an opportunity to meet our friends’ customers and carry on our friendly relationships in these countries.

Guglielmo Martinelli, Chief Commercial Officer Tecnometal srl