Increasing cost pressure, staff shortages and staff turnover – challenges that the cleaning industry and the customers from industry and logistics are increasingly confronted with. Looking at what solutions the company can offer to overcome these challenges, Tennant sees the introduction of robotic solutions in floor cleaning as a revolutionary step in our business.

For this reason, they have decided to extend the product portfolio with a fleet of robotic floor cleaning machines to support the logistics and industrial customers with their recurring daily tasks. Tenant offers the customers today and, in the future, a complete fleet of autonomous machines that are tailored to different application needs in retail, industry and logistics. The value that Tennant Company brings to its customers with AMR machines is clear: their expertise in building industrial floor cleaning machines and their software development partnership with Brain Corp. which allows them to offer machines that get smarter every day and improve performance measurably. Tenant’s legacy in cleaning industry and today’s technology that helps customers save valuable time and help create cleaner, safer, and healthier world.

The autonomous Tennant T7AMR is powered by BrainOS®, Brain Corp operating system for commercial robots, and delivers a cleaning solution designed to maximize productivity, increase efficiency and optimize safety. Address labor challenges, drive efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning with the T7AMR, a robotic solution designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees. Reduce the amount of detergent and water needed with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.

The T380AMR robotic cleaning machine is the latest in Tennant’s world-class AMR line that operates in complex, real-world environments without direct operator control. This frees up employees to focus on other tasks, like cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. The T380AMR has the same proven reliability and performance of Tennant’s larger T7AMR, using the same drive system, user interface and sensors. It also includes unmatched support with Tennant’s AMR Customer Success and Service Team, available to assist customers continent wide. See it in action here.

Visit Tennant’s website to learn more about the unique features, benefits and specifications of the robotic floor cleaning solutions.