YIZUMI China No.3 Factory was inaugurated in Nov 2022, with 23,000 ㎡ of the most modern manufacturing infrastructure

The amazing story of YIZUMI

With its most modern manufacturing facilities inaugurated by end of 2022 and its state-of-the-art technology solutions to die-cast ultra-large-structural body-in-white castings, YIZUMI has achieved an important milestone on its path towards becoming a top-class international player in the die casting industry. 

What an amazing development that represents. Looking at YIZUMI`s humble beginnings, one can only be impressed by the fascinating and dynamic progress this company has managed. 

Founded in the year 2002 as a small start-up by a group of true entrepreneurs, YIZUMI quickly established itself as a technology solution provider in the injection molding industry in China. In the year 2004, the Die Casting Machine Division was established, followed by the Rubber Injection Molding Machine Division in 2009 and the High-speed Packaging Division in 2013. Finally, in 2014, the Robotic Automation System Division was added to support the need for increasingly complex manufacturing solutions for our customers. 

The first re-branding in 2008 driven by CEO Richard Yan laid the base for further rapid accelerated high-quality development of the YIZUMI organization. YIZUMI understands its people and organization as a family whose members mutually support each other with integrity. Success, we believe, belongs to those who are motivated and follow their dreams. YIZUMI nurtures a people- and technology-centered culture with the aim to support our customers in their quest to success. 

With the acquisition of HPM in the USA, YIZUMI further expanded its international reach and market access in 2011. 

Driven by a strong desire to succeed, technological innovation has continuously been strengthened by means of persistent development of our organization`s capabilities resulting in the strong overall growth of the company.

Executing a successful IPO in 2015 as the first molding & die casting equipment manufacturer listed in the A-share market, YIZUMI laid the base for further expansion and internationalization. 
The following years saw the opening of an international manufacturing plant in India as well as an expansion of YIZUMI-HPM in the US. Finally, in 2017, the R&D Center YIZUMI Germany was established with its close links to the renowned RWTH Aachen University. Development projects at YIZUMI Germany focus on multi-material lightweight solutions based on additive manufacturing- as well as Thixomolding- and injection-molding technologies.

Persistently focusing on providing the best cost-effective solutions with leading technology to our customers allowed YIZUMI to pass the 2 billion CNY (nearly 300 million USD) revenue mark by 2017. 

Dedicated to our social responsibility, YIZUMI invests in community centers as well as charity projects. A healthy society needs high levels of sustainability, therefore YIZUMI invests in manufacturing facilities with a target of ensuring energy-efficient manufacturing processes. The newest technologies are being implemented in our products to facilitate our customers drive to conserve energy. A good example is our new state of the art LEAP die casting machine with its innovative hydraulic system offering highest casting performance at lowest energy consumption. 

Constantly striving to improve the performance of our equipment YIZUMI die casting has, in less than 20 years, achieved the ability to offer its customers top tier die casting solutions at very attractive prices. 

Our global innovation center, inaugurated in 2022, emphasizes our aspiration and desire to advance technology further. The global innovation center has been established to effectively generate ideas and knowledge in order to lead and support our technology innovation for the benefit of our customers. 

From its rather humble beginnings, the YIZUMI team has managed a truly amazing journey over the last 20 years. This was made possible by a customer-focused and technology-based culture that is characterized by high levels of integrity and disciplined work ethics.

“Think Tech Forward” our new tagline strongly emphasizes our ambition going forward. Which is to serve our customers with highly competitive manufacturing solutions including services based on leading technology. 

YIZUMI die casting today produces and delivers around 1200 die casting and Thixomolding machines per year to our world-wide customers. Our state-of-the-art LEAP machine successfully runs in customer production plants with machine sizes of up to 90`000 kN of locking force. 

YIZUMI die casting exhibits its products and services at the GIFA in Düsseldorf from June 12-16 in hall 11, booth A42. Please visit us to learn more about competitive die casting solutions from YIZUMI.