SINBRAN – The Art of Filtration

Interview with Marc-Antoine Peter, Director Sales and Marketing at Sinbran.

SINBRAN® Filters has a rich history of innovation and a strong commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency and quality of high-end industrial filtration processes. Their core activities revolve around the design, production, engineering and development of sintered polyethylene filters integrated with advanced membrane technologies. In 2014 SINBRAN® was founded through a management buyout from W. L. Gore & Associates by Wolfgang Jander, who collected a deep experience in industrial filtration during his engineering studies and his whole professional life.

The company’s know-how ensures that the high standards of production and quality of SINBRAN® filter modules remain completely satisfied. SINBRAN® Filters manufactures their complete production in Germany, near Munich. Their commitment to German craftsmanship and precision is a hallmark of our production process.

SINBRAN’s production technology, positions the company as the first choice in industries such as the chemical, food, and automotive industries, as well as the battery manufacturing sector.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

At SINBRAN®, we are paying particular attention to providing comprehensive solutions in the following critical areas:

Our expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge industrial filtration solutions tailored to the unique needs of manufacturing sectors.

We excel in air and gas filtration technologies, ensuring the purification of these essential elements to proof of the highest industry standards.

Our specialization extends to the efficient removal of dust particles, with a specific focus on ultra-small particulates, ensuring cleaner and healthier industrial environments.

SINBRAN® Filters are committed to environmentally responsible filtration technologies, designed to mitigate the impact of industrial processes on the environment.

Beyond our filter systems, we offer comprehensive engineering and consulting services to enhance productivity and operational efficiency for industrial production sectors, which are planning new filter systems.

Within these areas of expertise, we have developed advanced filter systems that offer the following key highlights:

  • Our state-of-the-art filter systems are capable of efficiently capturing and removing even the tiniest dust particles, ensuring the purity of your air and gas.
  • Our innovative filter technology employs e-PTFE membrane to filter candles, a testament to our commitment to high-performance filtration and the preservation of your production environment’s quality and safety. e-PTFE, or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, is a material in which the PTFE has undergone partial expansion but has not fully reacted. This unique characteristic allows it to be stretched, resulting in the transformation into e-PTFE.
  • Our core competency lies in the manufacturing and application of membranes onto sintered filter tubes, backed by our extensive process knowledge and application expertise. Furthermore, we excel in the lamination of these membranes onto the filter’s base structure.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

I am thrilled to introduce our latest product innovation, the “SINBRAN® Pro-Membrane Series.” This ground-breaking line of filters seamlessly integrates cutting-edge membrane technologies to provide an unprecedented level of separation efficiency and product purity. These products are meticulously engineered to cater to the dynamic demands of industries, particularly in sectors like pharmaceuticals and food production, where optimizing high air throughput within limited space is a concern of prime importance.

The SINBRAN® Pro-Membrane Series stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving requirements of our valued customers. It is set to revolutionize filtration processes, offering an exceptional solution for those industries seeking optimal performance while managing space constraints.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

SINBRAN® Filters takes pride in presenting our exclusive and all-encompassing product lineup, primarily centered around filter candles featuring a revolutionary membrane lamination process. This laminate plays a pivotal role for ensuring that our filters, known for their cylindrical design, are exceptionally easy to clean. The cleaning process, exemplified in industries like sugar processing, involves a thorough wash with flowing water, making maintenance a thing that is easy to accomplish.

Within our extensive product portfolio, you will find a diverse range of filter systems, including:

  • Grade Filters which can be sterilized: These filters meet the most stringent requirements, making them ideal for applications where the utmost purity and safety are of supreme importance.
  • Customized Filtration Solutions: We understand that each industry and application may have unique filtration needs. SINBRAN® Filters provides tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal filtration results.
  • Our filters are not only PWIS-free but also boast additional outstanding attributes, including being antistatic, food-grade compliant, and conforming to USP Class VI standards. What’s truly exceptional is that we offer the flexibility to combine these features, allowing you to tailor your filtration solutions to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Our commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier filtration solutions make SINBRAN® Filters your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled product quality and operational efficiency.

SINBRAN® Filter elements are crafted exclusively from materials such as polyethylene, e-PTFE, and, if necessary, stainless steel, along with silicone seals.

The production of SINBRAN® filter elements and their components strictly adhere to thermal and mechanical processes. No foreign substances, such as lubricants, oils, adhesives, encapsulants, or solvents, are utilized in the manufacturing process. Consequently, any risk of product contamination due to SINBRAN® filter elements is entirely eliminated. We substantiate these claims by subjecting our products to regular external testing.

The used e-PTFE membrane is securely bonded to the sintered surface and effectively captures dust on the surface, preventing contamination of the filter element due to entrapped dust.

The stainless steel used for the flange reinforcements remains inert with respect to the product, assuring product integrity.

Furthermore, the seals are crafted from food-grade silicone, guaranteeing compliance with food safety standards.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

The market we serve is in a dynamic phase. There is a growing demand for efficient and sustainable filtration solutions across various industries. Our innovative filtration technologies have gained substantial traction in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive and batterie industry, just to name but a few.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Current market trends underscore a significant shift towards sustainability, heightened product quality, and enhanced operational efficiency. Customers are displaying a growing preference to environmentally conscious filtration solutions, geared towards waste reduction and energy conservation. The extensive product lifespan significantly contributes to the reduction of maintenance expenses and minimizes production downtime. In this evolving landscape that our sintered PE filters with membranes truly shine, presenting a harmonious blend of exceptional filtration performance and minimal environmental footprint.

Moreover, it is worth noting that we have observed a notable uptick in market activity following the post-coronavirus resurgence, followed by a relatively more tranquil period in early 2023. As we enter 2024, we’re witnessing a resurgence in market demand, with companies expressing a heightened interest in our products, increasingly placing new orders, and initiating discussions on new projects for the year ahead. This surge of interest underscores the growing recognition of the value and impact our solutions bring to the industries we work for.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Our most innovative product offerings include the SINBRAN® Pro-Membrane Series, which combines sintered PE filter technology with cutting-edge membranes. This filter provide exceptional precision, long service life, and eco-friendly operation, making them ideal for food applications. Thanks to the 100% modular design of our filtration systems, we have the capability to respond swiftly and cost-effectively to customer preferences, ensuring remarkable flexibility in meeting their specific requirements.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2023?

As we move forward into the latter half of 2023, we hold a strong and optimistic outlook for sustained growth. Our optimism stems from the expected upsurge in demand for our SINBRAN Pro-Membrane Series and personalized filtration solutions. 

In line with our growth strategy, we have ambitious plans to broaden our global footprint. This will involve the cultivation of new partnerships and the dissemination of our advanced filtration solutions to an even wider audience, reaffirming our commitment to meet the complex needs of diverse industries on a global scale.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that our production planning for 2023 has been successfully finalized. Consequently, we are currently scheduling delivery times for orders with a horizon of up to six months. This proactive approach enables us to accommodate and efficiently meet the demands of our customers while ensuring that we maintain a robust and reliable supply chain.