novotegra GmbH is a company specified on mounting systems for photovoltaic installations. They manufacture their own mounting systems for flat roofs and for pitched roofs and distribute their products throughout Europe. The company is based in Tübingen, Germany and has been operating as an independent subsidiary of BayWa r.e. since the start of 2021. novotegra is looking back to more than 20 years of experience in the field of PV mounting systems.

All novotegra mounting systems are designed in Germany by specialized engineers. The company’s focus is always on reliable and long-lasting solutions that are easy and quick to mount at an attractive price level. For their customers novotegra offers an outstanding technical service as well as the initial mounting service which supports the installers on the building site on the roofs.

For the planning of the PV installation, novotegra offers a free of charge planning tool called Solar-Planit. The tool will automatically calculate the statics and guides customers throughout every planning step.

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Easy Engineering: Which are the fields of activity where you are operating? 

NOVOTEGRA: novotegra offers “the perfect solution for every roof”. Our mounting systems are designed for flat roofstile roofstrapezoidal metal roofscorrugated and sandwich roofsseamed metal roofs and bitumen roofs. In addition to our standardized solutions for PV mounting systems which are marketed all over Europe, we are developing solutions that are especially designed for local demands. Therefore, we closely cooperate with installers and join them on the roofs to get first-hand information about our customers’ needs.

E.E: What products / solutions do you offer? 

NOVOTEGRA: We have products for multiple different common roof types as well for some customised solutions, like facade systems. We also offer different products for each roof type, which can range between 2 to 6 different systems. A highlight product for pitched roofs is our insertion system which is simple to mount but very elegant at the same time. Precisely adjusted to the substructure of roofs of many kinds, customers will have a visually perfect PV installation thanks to the insertion system. The insertion rails are available in either blank aluminium or black to match the frame colour, and the thought-through technology ensures security and mounting efficiency. Further information on our products including all details on our website

E.E: Tell us about your services and tools for planning of PV systems. 

NOVOTEGRA: Additionally, to our PV systems we offer our web based, free of cost and in-house developed planning tool, Solar-Planit. Solar-Planit benefits you to have a quick and easy overview of your costs and components that are needed. You can as well share your planning with your colleagues and with our novotegra experts. It is possible to plan with different roof types, claddings, and constructions. The whole planning is manageable in our planning tool, from data entry to the order of materials. Solar-Planit can optimize statics and systems according to Eurocode and determine material requirements and economic efficiency. Furthermore, we offer trainings and webinars for installers. Don’t miss the chance to participate in one of our upcoming webinars regarding Solar-Planit for pitched or flat roof. Moreover, on our YouTube-Channel installation videos are available for a quick understanding of our mounting systems. They all have a volume less than three minutes and show the fast and easy way to install our PV-systems. 

E.E: What are the usual challenges you encounter? 

NOVOTEGRA: Since every roof is individual our main challenge is to find “the perfect solution for every roof”. Hence, we made it to our company’s mission and slogan to find a fitting but also easy solution for each roof. Therefore, all our departments working closely together. 

E.E: How did you overcome the challenges? 

NOVOTEGRA: We overcome our challenges through our great teamwork throughout all our teams in development, purchasing, structural engineering, software development, product management and sales team. Communication within the company is key to be successful and overcome challenges that are present to us. 

E.E: Tell us about customer webinars for installers. 

NOVOTEGRA: A good system is one thing, but the right service is just as important. We offer a variety of webinars & seminars on our website. Our upcoming webinars will bring you closer to our planning tool, Solar Planit as well as the mounting of different roof types like flat roof or pitched roof. All our webinars are free of charge and around an hour long, hence it is as well easy and fast to participate in our online seminars.) 

E.E: Why did the clients choose your products / solutions? 

NOVOTEGRA: Our mounting systems, included in the portfolio, are compatible with all common roof types and are characterized by high flexibility, reliability, and top quality. In addition, novotegra is standing for properties like safety & stability, customer proximity & problem solving, authenticity, openness, innovation, and sustainability that our customers have appreciated for years and that they can rely on that. The high degree of prefabrication of our components also enables our clients quick and easy installations. Time and costs can thus be saved.

E.E: Tell us about warranty. 

NOVOTEGRA: Safety and stability have always been top priorities at novotegra. Due to many years of experience, extensive testing, and constant further development of our mounting system, last year we extended our product guarantee by additional 2 years – from 10 to 12 years – for all our components.

E.E: Tell us about your first-time mounting service. 

NOVOTEGRA: Practice makes perfect – if you are using one of our novotegra mounting systems for the first time and need support, our experts will be happy to provide you with active on-site assistance for a whole day. Together with an experienced technician, you will carry out the initial installation and receive valuable tips and advice along the way. He will also give you exciting insights into the calculation of the statics, using our design tool Solar-Planit. Our first-time installation support is available in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Swiss and our experts are happy to travel throughout all other European countries, too. Moreover, our service is completely free of charge for our novotegra customers. The request can be made easily through the form on our website and can be found in “system planning”. Our experts usually stay for one day, but our initial installation service can be requested several times as well. 

E.E: How did these solutions optimize the client’s business? 

NOVOTEGRA: With an easy system configuration and the detailed documentation for future projects, the customers of installers can be given reliable information about system composition and price already in offering phase. This also helps the installers to reduce installation time during the implementation and thus installation costs. Furthermore, through across system and prefabricated system components, warehousing can be reduced, and installation preparations can be shortened.

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2022? 

NOVOTEGRA: For 2022 we predict an increasing demand for PV plants on green roofs. Since we respond to trends with our best possible pre-assembly of novotegras components and optimize our systems in terms of logistics continuously, we will launch therefore our new solution for green roofs in the first quarter of 2022. We will also launch a new mounting system for light elevation on trapezoidal roofs as well as new improved version of its solution for flat roofs. Moreover, we expect further market growth and an increasing demand for PV mounting systems in many European countries. We expect that global supply chains might remain unstable in the first half of 2022. With this forecast in mind, we are confident that our new products and solutions will meet the market’s need and even more PV plants will be satisfactorily built with novotegra.