Precise work, even under extreme conditions – that’s what the new N6 static and N7 dynamic tilt sensors by elobau make possible. Based on MEMS technology, they offer you even more safety, reliability, functionality, and flexibility for easy tilt measurement in both static and dynamic applications. The N6 static achieves high precision in difficult environmental conditions in stationary operation or with slow machine movement. The N7 dynamic also includes a gyroscope, so that high-precision measurement is possible even in the case of jerky movements, vibrations, or shocks. Both sensors are suitable for use in off-highway machines, such as agricultural and forestry machines, construction machines and material handling machines.

Higher functionality and more comfort for the operator

N6 static and N7 dynamic use MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) – small components that combine electrical and mechanical components on one chip. Any movement or position deviation is reliably registered and leads to a change in the output signal, which precisely indicates the current angle of inclination.

The sensors continuously monitor the angle of inclination of an object relative to gravity and thus reliably provide information for the safe control and movement of the mobile machinery. In this way, they enable important functions such as: regulation of the cockpit level; automatic compensation of slope inclinations; position and tilt measurement of moving vehicle/machine parts, such as the boom of an excavator; stabilization/tilt protection by monitoring vehicle inclination.

In case of particularly strong accelerations and bumpy movements, purely gravity-based sensors reach their limits. For such dynamic applications, we have therefore equipped the N7 dynamic with Sensor Fusion – an extremely responsive combination of accelerometer and gyroscope.

To calculate correct tilt information, the measurements of both components are merged, any errors are corrected and filtered. The Kalman filter used for this is an algorithm that is based on relevant measurement and experience values, which compensates inaccuracies and thus optimizes the measured value stability of the N7 dynamic.

As precise as necessary, as cost-efficient as possible

The new tilt sensor generation stands for precision and cost-effectiveness made to measure. Therefore, not every application requires the use of the N7 dynamic equipped with Sensor Fusion. For static or slow-moving systems, the more cost-effective N6 static is the perfect solution – and offers reliable tilt measurement at reduced costs. 

About elobau

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