P.W. BUD-MASZ Maciej Stachlewski has been producing machines for cold profiling of metal for over 30 years. The company’s headquarters is located in the heart of Poland, near the city of Łódź.  In the industry of metal profiling machines, we stand out in the field of machines for profiling sheets on steel roof tiles, roofing, trapezoidal sheets and gutter systems.  We are also a leader on a European scale in the production of machines for longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet metal.

In a fairly extensive portfolio of the company, we focus on continuous development and adjustment to market expectations. Currently, our most futuristic product will be robotization, which we are trying to dynamically develop, combining it with already working machines of our production.  The flexibility of our machines allows for trouble-free modernization of their usability, even after many years of operation.

The aforementioned robotization currently concerns mainly collecting a finished product from the receiving table of the machine and transporting it.  It consists of a properly selected receiving table, a robot in the form of a robotic arm and matching elements, depending on the customer’s requirements. It can be either an ordinary transporter, a pallet transporter or simply a designated place. The operating arm is fully automatic, connected to the machine and equipped with appropriate sensors.  It easily detects the operation of the production line, reads the position of the product on the receiving table, grabs and transfers it to the previously indicated place.  In addition to facilitating, accelerating and modernizing production, it also brings financial benefits. The robot can work efficiently for the entire set time, i.e. for example full three shifts. In view of human physical capabilities, the robot is able to do about 3 times faster work.

In addition to the robotization of the receiving station, we are currently developing in the scope of offering full robotization of stamping and punching stations, e.g. full lines for the production of gutter systems.  In this case, the station is a fully enclosed place where all components of the production line are located, i.e. stamping press, punching machine, receiving belt, and the only operating element is the robotic arm.  Thanks to this solution, for the production of, for example, a gutter elbow, only one operator of a complex station will be needed, thus replacing 3 production workers.  What’s more, this operator can easily deal with several such positions at the same time, because in this case only the proper operation of the devices will be supervised.  We are thus striving to completely exclude the power of human hands, at the same time translating it into a robotic arm.

In the manufacturing industry, we agree that the future belongs to robotization.  On the one hand, it can be frightening, considering how many times in history machines have replaced the strength of human hands and what impact it has had on the psyche of the community, but at the moment we are striving for the fastest and most reliable production line in factories. Thus, taking into account the declining reliability of mechanical and electrical devices, the human factor turns out to be the most unreliable.  Everything is committed to the development of robotics and we do not stop in our industry. We hope to offer our customers more and more interesting and futuristic solutions in the department of production lines and their robotization, meeting the expectations of customers, standing open to the latest solutions.