smartLAB is the special presentation at LABVOLUTION which showcases the intelligent, networked laboratory of the future. For the third time now, various business enterprises and institutions are working together to stimulate debate, promote digitization in the laboratory, and establish common standards through the smartLAB initiative. In overall charge once again is the Institute for Industrial Chemistry (TCI) at Leibniz University in Hannover. The 13 partners of smartLAB 2019 are introduced below:

Institute for Industrial Chemistry (TCI) at Leibniz University, Hannover
The Institute for Industrial Chemistry (TCI) at Leibniz University, Hannover, is an innovative research establishment working in the field of biotechnology. Specific areas of research include bioengineering, bioprocess analytics, microsystems technology and bioinformatics. A particular research priority at present is the digitization of the laboratory.

As a founder member and scientific head of the project, the TCI has been involved with smartLAB since 2015. During this time, new technologies and concepts, such as 3D printing, smart glasses, automated documentation and digital workflows, have been developed and adapted for laboratory use. The aim is to create an innovative, interactive and smart laboratory environment which provides guidance and support for laboratory personnel.