Montech has ushered in a new era in design with its MPS aluminum framing system. It consists of a modular system and, thanks to the precise dovetail and groove clamping, makes it possible to create superstructures, substructures, and welded structures. With comprehensive functionality and almost unlimited application possibilities, the innovative MPS aluminum framing system enables precise and efficient implementation of projects. 

For many years, Montech has specialized in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual transport and conveyor systems, as well as innovative framing technologies for a broad and varied range of applications. The company’s extensive experience in development and professional and industrial application environments are the basis for the further development of its new MPS aluminum framing system. That’s how this Swiss technology company is setting new standards. 

Efficient assembly and cost savings

Montech’s new MPS aluminum framing system relies on high-precision aluminum profiles, which are clamped precisely in parallel or at an angle using dovetail connectors that ensure a secure fit. This eliminates the need for complex profile processing and makes assembly extremely efficient. The precise dovetail clamping function is complemented by a dovetail groove. 

Externally accessible clamping

This innovative assembly technology combines two functions in one application. The slot nuts inserted into the dovetail groove fasten components and accessories to the profile securely. At the same time, the disruptive geometry of the dovetail slot nut allows precise and secure clamping. All clamping connections are accessible from the outside. This provides significant advantages as compared to conventional groove and profile systems. This easy access greatly simplifies the assembly, disassembly, movement, or adjustment of the joints and reduces costs and saves time.

Hygiene and easy cleaning

Another advantage of Montech’s MPS aluminum framing system is the dovetail groove, which enables connection of accessories such as adjustable feet and much more. The versatility of the dovetail-groove system makes it possible to create different configurations depending on the function and design. In addition, the reduced number of grooves reduces the risk of contamination and improves hygiene.

Free sketches and individual quotations

In order to fully capture the versatile application possibilities of the MPS aluminum framing system, Montech AG invites you to submit sketches to Our experienced team will examine these and develop individual solutions for your specific requirements. A free quotation is also part of the service to give a clear overview of the project costs.