Sauer Compressors is offering a new range of controls for fully automated monitoring and control of compressor functions. The first model is the Sauer ecc 4.0 – a control for universal use in all compressor series for applications in the naval, shipping, offshore and industrial fields The software has been completely developed by Sauer Compressors, which enables it to be adapted precisely to the relevant requirements. Certain features can be added and customised for specific projects. The design of the Sauer ecc 4.0 follows an intelligent modular principle tailored to the compressor type and version. The modular system can be configured over various expansion levels – from the economical basic version through to complete monitoring of all measured values in the fully-featured version. The Sauer ecc 4.0 can connect up to twelve compressors, communicating via all standard interfaces. In terms of Industry 4.0, the control can be integrated into higher-level systems.