The Pink Stuff is owned and produced by Starbrands, a company based in the United Kingdom, dedicated to delivering the best miracle cleaners in the market. But, did you know, The Pink Stuff dates to 1930?

Back then, the product was known as Chemico Household Cleanser and was sold in over 60 countries. 

Over the time, the product was affectionately known by consumers as “The Pink Stuff” because it was pink in color and packed in a pink tin. During the 1980s, the product was renamed Chemico The Pink Stuff to reflect the consumer language. 

After this, it became The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste as we know it today. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

The Pink Stuff is focused on the development and distribution of high-quality cleaning products for all household tasks. 

Our main areas include research and development, where we innovate and improve our formulations and packaging; production, where we ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency; and marketing and distribution, where we bring our products to households worldwide. 

Our goal is to provide effective and sustainable cleaning solutions that make everyday chores easier and more enjoyable for our consumers. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services?

We are constantly looking for more improvements on the household supplies category, and we strive to make the cleaning experience an effortless and satisfactory one. 

Our team works hard on innovating with new products and improving current ones. We have a few interesting items coming including a cleaning kit of our own sponge Squeezy and the miracle cleaning paste, our one-of-a-kind pink cleaning wipes, and the one that has had all the community buzzing, our window cleaning kit, even more now that the warmer days are coming. These products have already been launched in the UK and we expect to come very soon with them to Romania and other countries in Europe.

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services?

The Pink Stuff offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products designed to address various household cleaning needs, from the moment you step into your home until the most hidden corner of dirt, Pink Stuff products are designed to tackle all cleaning needs in the house. Our product line includes:

Multi-purpose cleaners: our flagship product, The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste, is a versatile cleaner that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from cookware to tiles and glass. We also have multipurpose trigger sprays and cream cleaner to tackle those most difficult stains. 

Specialized Cleaners:

  • Bathroom Cleaners: Specialized cleaners formulated to remove limescale, soap scum and other common bathroom stains, ensuring a sparkling clean and fresh-smelling bathroom. Our range includes Bathroom Foam Spray, Toilet Foaming Powder and Toilet gel.
  • Kitchen Cleaners: Powerful degreasers and surface cleaners that effectively cut through kitchen, grease and grime, making kitchen maintenance effortless. Our innovation, the Miracle Wash Up Spray is a revolutionary product that makes kitchen cleaning tasks easy and satisfactory. 
  • Stain Removers: Our Oxi Powder stain removers and laundry care products such as detergents and fabric conditioners are designed to tackle tough stains on clothes and fabrics, restoring them to their original condition and preserving the materials, making them last for longer and looking as good as new. 
  • Window and Glass Cleaners: The specialized Pink Stuff products for windows and glass are great for those tough and difficult to clean spots, with our advanced formula, a spray and wipe is enough to make the surface spotless clean. 
  • Floor Cleaners: Products specifically designed for different types of flooring, ensuring they are clean and well-maintained without causing damage. Cleaning the floors with Pink Stuff is a job made easy. 

In addition to our wide cleaning range, we provide extensive cleaning tips and ideas through our website and social media channels, helping Pink Stuff lovers get the most out of their cleaning routines. We are committed to continuously expanding our product lines to meet the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining our standards for quality and effectiveness. 

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

The current market is very dynamic and constantly changing. Ever since the pandemic, consumers are constantly looking for products and ideas to simplify their current daily tasks, and focus more on enjoying their lives, which is why the Pink Stuff brings a time efficient and effective solution for household tasks. 

Nowadays, consumers in the market are more focused towards aligning themselves to brands to which they feel fulfill a purpose or bring an added value to their lives. The consumer mindset is increasingly focused on the value a brand provides rather than merely the aesthetic appeal of its products, which are important but no longer the primary focus of affiliation; hence the need for brands to constantly connect with their users. 

Even though the current market is competitive for cleaning and household supplies, each brand speaks to their audience and finds ways to relate to them, leading to a clearly defined audience that can relate to the brand and the product. For brands to succeed in the current market, they need to understand it, but also, understand the audience who they are talking to, and moreover, understand the needs and pains their consumers are faced with. Only then, consumers will perceive the added value and brands will be able to capture their attention and loyalty. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

We are observing several significant trends in the market, particularly driven by Millennials and Generation Z. These consumers are increasingly seeking immediate satisfaction, favoring quick results with minimal effort, as a more practical way of living is the priority for most of them at the moment. They prioritize brand affiliation, brand value, and product performance over other factors; therefore, brands should learn how to communicate and reach their audiences.

Moreover, modern consumers desire to be part of a reliable community rather than simply purchasing individual products is a trend that relates to the need of consumers to have brand affinity. This has led to the rise of inverse mentoring, where younger generations educate older generations about new, useful products and trends. We see more of this trend day by day, where Gen Z are influencing their Millennial friends and family, from there the trend goes to Gen X and Boomers. Therefore, in the end, it is important to learn how to communicate to new upcoming generations while still delivering good quality products to older generations, as their focus relies on the trust and familiarity they can perceive from the brand. 

Additionally, the traditional marketing funnel is evolving. Where the process once moved from awareness to consideration and then to conversion, we now see that awareness alone can drive conversion. This shift is largely due to the impact of user-generated content (UGC), which connects with consumers by demonstrating product effectiveness and tangible results.

Overall, it is key for brands to understand their target audience, and from there, evolve with the new market trends that we, as products or services providers, are faced day to day. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed?

The Pink Stuff is a brand that emphasizes innovation and aims to disrupt the traditional cleaning and household supplies market. Our star product and biggest innovation is the Miracle Cleaning Paste. This multi-purpose cleaner in paste format came to completely disrupt the market of cleaning products with its unique formal and product packaging, making it easier to use and achieve unmatched results. 

However, beyond our innovative products and formulas, we have also innovated in the market with our communication style. We go beyond product ads, but we focus on delivering messages to our customers through social media, with content that they can relate to, that motivates them and that inspires to make cleaning more than a task, but an activity to enjoy in the house.  

We believe our communication style, the closeness we have with out consumers and audience, are what makes our brand so innovative and dynamic.