Bilz, one of the leading manufacturers of tool clamping technology, proudly presents its new shrink fit chuck, ThermoGrip® TMG. This innovative product allows tools of almost any diameter to be clamped with just one basic holder, leading to significant cost savings and increased productivity.

The ThermoGrip® TMG shrink fit chuck is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries such as aerospace, medical and dental technology, die and mold making, as well as the renewable energy sector. It stands out with exceptional features and benefits, setting new standards in tool clamping technology. 

The continuous overlap of tool and chuck ensures maximum clamping force at all times. It allows for secure clamping of shank tolerances from h4 to h9 and features an extraction protection for Weldon shanks. With a runout accuracy of less than 3 μm, it guarantees extremely precise machining results. The advantages of the ThermoGrip® TMG shrink fit chuck are manifold. It increases the material removal rate through constant clamping forces and excellent damping properties, leading to increased productivity. Moreover, it allows for better surface quality and precise adherence to tolerances. With just one basic holder, various tool diameters can be covered, leading to cost savings and increased flexibility in manufacturing. 

The ThermoGrip® TMG shrink fit chuck is characterized by extreme holding forces, high rigidity, and optimized vibration damping. It enables transferable torques of up to 700 Nm with a shank diameter of 16 mm. 

The TMG clamping system from Bilz combines the advantages of shrink fit technology with the flexibility of collet solutions. It consists of high-quality basic holders and specially coated collets that can clamp tools with shank diameters from 2 to 32 mm. The patented process can be performed either fully automatically or manually on induction shrink fit machines. 

“With the introduction of the ThermoGrip® TMG shrink fit chuck, we are setting new standards in tool clamping technology,” says Michael Schinke, Global Sales director at Bilz. “Our goal is to offer our customers cost-effective and flexible solutions that increase their productivity and improve the quality of their manufacturing. The TMG clamping system meets these requirements and allows users to achieve their goals more efficiently.”