In the pursuit of environmentally conscious solutions, the textile industry has seen a remarkable innovation with THINDOWN®, the world’s first and only down fabric.

Entirely crafted in Italy by NIPI (Natural Insulation Products Inc.), THINDOWN® offers a sustainable choice for insulating garments, boasting remarkable thermal properties while minimizing environmental impact. 

The Innovation of THINDOWN®:

THINDOWN® emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering a blend of sustainability, innovation and natural warmth. Since its debut in 2015, this pioneering down fabric has captured the attention of major fashion brands worldwide. 

Globally patented and exclusively produced in Italy, THINDOWN® owes its success to NIPI’s proprietary technology, the NIPI R40, capable of transforming loose down into a firm fabric. This unique process ensures uniform distribution of down, eliminating traditional stitching and preventing cold spots and leakage.

Natural Advantages, Sustainable Practices:

THINDOWN® embodies the natural benefits of loose down—lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally warm—while offering the versatility of a fabric. Its applications span across diverse sectors, from fashion and outdoor gear to home furnishings and automotive insulation. Produced through a highly sustainable process, THINDOWN®’s manufacturing plant boasts minimal CO2 emissions and refrains from polluting chemical processes, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

Ethical Sourcing, Traceable Origins:

A key aspect of THINDOWN®’s sustainability lies also in its commitment to ethical sourcing. The down utilized is a by-product of the food industry. Moreover, THINDOWN® prioritizes transparency by obtaining Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification, ensuring traceability and humane treatment throughout the supply chain. For those seeking even greater eco-consciousness, THINDOWN® offers Recycled down options, certified under the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), utilizing 100% post-consumer recycled down.

Diverse Offerings, Tailored Solutions:

THINDOWN®’s product range includes various qualities and weights to meet  diverse customer needs. From Goose to Duck down, as well as blended versions like Thindown+Sorona and the latest innovation: Thindown+Kapok, which combines duck down with Kapok plant fibers. The versatility allows for tailored solutions across different industries, with weights ranging from 30g to 150g and available in rolls starting from 15 meters, offering multiple options to suit any need. 

Expanding Market Horizons:

While THINDOWN® is has already made significant strides in the fashion industry, the company’s strategic focus includes expanding into new markets such as sportswear, military gear, and workwear. Moreover, recent product developments aim to make THINDOWN® to a broader range of brands, ensuring sustainability remains a priority across all market segments.

THINDOWN® represents a new era of sustainable thermal insulation, providing brands with a solution to minimize environmental impact without compromising performance or quality. By leveraging the natural properties of down and innovative manufacturing techniques, THINDOWN® sets a standard for eco-consciousness in the textile industry, driving towards a greener future.