Jupiter Aluminum Industries, JUPALCO, has ordered three Vortex furnaces for annealing aluminum coils from SECO/WARWICK. These solutions are equipped with an effective, recently patented Vortex® 2.0 system.

JUPALCO is a newly established aluminum factory which will be part of the Jupiter Group. The aim of establishing the new plant will be to achieve the highest level of domestic aluminum production in history and to create an ecosystem of comprehensive aluminum-based solutions. This is the first cooperation between SECO/WARWICK and the Jupiter Group.  

Vortex 2.0 – the technology that significantly shortens cycle time

Vortex® is a very effective system for annealing aluminum coils. In the latest 2.0 version, heat transfer efficiency has increased within the furnaces that are equipped with an improved system of straight nozzles. Thanks to the use of patented air flow technology, aluminum coil annealing systems from SECO/WARWICK operate with process cycles that are significantly shortener than traditional technologies. This in turn ensures energy savings, increased efficiency, and improved surface quality of the finished coils. The systems key feature is the increased heat transfer coefficient, achieved by directing high-velocity air to both sides of the coil. This allows air to flow over the coil edges, not just through its outer layer. 

“In the case of coil annealing, the challenge is to optimize the process by reducing the cycle time as much as possible while maintaining the desired metallurgical properties throughout the entire load. The components used in the SECO/WARWICK furnace for annealing aluminum coils provide both greater efficiency and better quality. In the latest, patented 2.0 version, Vortex systems, thanks to a system of properly directed nozzles, ensures higher production volume with lower energy consumption. We are pleased to have become a partner in equipping a new, very modern aluminum factory in India.” – explains Piotr Skarbiński, Vice-President of the CAB and Aluminum Products Segment in the SECO/WARWICK Group. 

New Rolling mill in India made more productive with three Vortex units

The equipment ordered by the Jupiter Group includes three Vortex 2.0 furnaces for aluminum annealing, two cooling chambers and one loader. A system configured in this way will ensure the optimal production volume of the Indian rolling mill.  

SECO/WARWICK supplies custom-designed furnaces for annealing aluminum coils and foil with various capacities – from single-roll furnaces to multi-zone furnaces with strict zone control. These solutions are used by aluminum producers from all over the world – from North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Vortex furnaces are equipped with dedicated control systems and load transport units. Vortex guarantees better heating temperature uniformity and the absence of local overheating on the coil surface, which significantly affects the aluminum coil’s final quality. The Vortex system, in addition to the uniform temperature distribution of +/- 3oC, ensures a significant reduction in the total process time compared to traditional systems offered by the competition.  

The Jupiter Group of companies were founded in the late 90’s by Mr. Sandeep Bajaj. From humble beginnings as a small flexible Packaging products company, it has grown to become a recognized player in the industry, operating on global markets in Flexible packaging, Aluminum foil and other products. The Jupiter Group plans to recycle over 50,000 tons of aluminum scrap every year once fully operational. This scrap will come from both in-house and customer scrap, purchased scrap, and recycled cans/foils etc. The new rolling mill in India will help the Group expand its footprint in the aluminum industry and produce Made in India products which will be known for its quality and reliable products and services. 

“Since the 1990’s the Jupiter Group processes aluminum as a partner of the converting and packaging industries. Ecology is an important value for us. It is included in our mission, just like our Partner’s. The rolling mill in India will be one of the most modern facilities of this type in this region, which is why we are equipping it with the best solutions available on the market. And that is why we chose three Vortex 2.0 systems which will fully meet the needs related to the JUPALCO aluminum heat treatment facility,”commented Mr. Sandeep Bajaj, CMD, of Jupiter Aluminum Industries, JUPALCO. 

“Vortex combines ecology and economy. An efficient nozzle system will make production more efficient while maintaining excellent load parameters. We are glad that India has noticed the power of this solution,”concluded Binoy Koshy, the new Managing Director of SECO/WARWICK India.