TierraTech® is a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and Systems with more than 20 years of experience in ultrasonic technology.

TierraTech offers solutions and to do so, they have a very efficient R&D department, working continuously on new technologies and applications for the ultrasonic cleaning environment. The company incorporates cutting-edge components and materials, achieving a flexible design and a personalized product execution.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:  Fast, Effective and Ecological

The ultrasonic cleaning system is the most efficient to keep the mold in perfect condition so that savings in production time and a high level of quality in the final product are achieved.

A generator and a transformer turn the electrical current into high-frequency (ultrasonic) waves which generate vibrations.

The work frequency and the liquid density cause under and overpressures are formed, which appear and disappear micro-seconds producing a micro-brushing that acts on any element which is immersed into the tank. The dirty on the Surface and in any possible nooks of the submerged parts is removed completely.

Aplications by Industry:

  • Automotive 
  • Aeronautical 
  • Naval 
  • Graphics 
  • lastics Industry (Moulds).
  • Treatment of Surfaces and Electroplating.
  • Stripping
  • Energy Industry (nuclear, wind power, thermal, electricity, solar)
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Industry
  • Electronics
  • Machining and Precision Parts
  • Industrial Maintenance.

Some about our best-selling products:

Large national and international companies in the naval, aeronautical, automotive, molds, food, health, graphic arts, electronics, energy, cosmetics and many others sectors have already relied on the Industrial Line with standardized or customized equipment, manual or fully automated, specially designed for cleaning parts and improving your production processes.

Motor-clean is the line that we dedicate specifically to the automotive world. In addition to custom equipment designed and manufactured according to the needs of each client, the standard line offers a range of 14 equipment ranging from the versatile MOT-30, essential for any mechanical workshop and with 30 liters of capacity, to the large MOT- 2000, which, with a capacity of up to 8000 liters, offers a solution for those who need to clean large parts.

Saving costs and time is a great advantage since a single operator can handle an ultrasonic cleaning equipment, washing several pieces at the same time in a totally efficient way, achieving a perfect degreasing, decarbonizing or removing chips after grinding.

LT-PRO is the series indicated for instruments and laboratory material made of glass, plastic or metal. With digital control panel, simple and intuitive.

Some sectors in which LT-PRO equipment is used: Dental clinics, Electronics, Jewelry, optics and medical supplies. Ultrasounds reach areas that are more difficult to access where rags, brushes or other conventional cleaning means cannot penetrate.

Innovation, design and quality.

With a highly qualified technical and commercial team, TierraTech provides personalized service and advice according to the needs of each client. We work to offer every day a higher quality in our equipment both from the production process and after-sales. With an immediate delivery time for standard equipment, you will have the most advanced and efficient ultrasonic cleaning technology in your facilities.