Tonelli has focused for many years technology in three areas of the bakery sector: 


Tonelli is leader in the market for Planetary Mixers, having been the first to produce this kind of mixer with a very wide range of products going from 120 l to 1300 l capacity models. Tonelli mixers also offer complete dosing and transfer systems via elevators, lifters, shuttle belt systems, hoppers and many more.

Always in the mixers, precisely and in batch preparation after many years of silence, Tonelli has strongly re-entered the Horizontal mixing market offering a wide range of horizontal mixers from 500 to 1500 l and reviewing this traditional mixer technology with a direct transmission mixing system with the attention to propose this kind of mixer for the first time focusing particular attention to hygiene with a motorized washing system.

Tonelli, to stay in the mixing topic, has constantly pursued with obsessive attention the research and careful supply of continuous mixing systems, being the first to propose mixing systems with vertical rotors and stators; the careful processing of the finishes, the pre-fitting skids and the assembly system distinguish Tonelli and what we have to offer.

Plants with cooking and cooling treatment

In the history of Tonelli we have been preparing mixers that have been transformed into systems for about 25 years. By following the customer’s request, we have managed over time to modify and insert more and more components and machinery that would allow us to manage cooking, pasteurization, cooling and crystallization of product structures. 

Over time we have received more and more requests oriented to the preparation of increasingly different mixtures and various fillings, offering continuously more flexible and performing systems.

The structures are always in stainless steel AISI316, reinforced with special welds that allow the resistance of strong exchanges of temperature: the steam management and indirect cooling systems, the presence of high vacuum and three pressure management allow Tonelli machines today to exercise an always more important presence and offer in the sector of pasteurized fillings or where a particular cooking or cooling is required.

Tonelli has been manufacturing plants for years where the presence of combithermix, i.e., mixers, concentrators and coolers, make the offer very flexible. 

The invention and registration with a worldwide license on exchange systems such as roto-exchangers with air injected into the surfaces make the proposal of many types of systems unique where a careful technology is tested with the support of our expert food technologists giving our customers all the support they need in their technologies. The use of the Tonelli’s important Laboratory has allowed us over time to test and improve always more new technologies in the bakery sector, giving optimum results.

Multi cake lines

Tonelli was the first company in the bakery sector to industrialize a sponge cake line.

We have always represented a reference point in the market not only in the process of preparing doughs and creams, ultrasonic cutting, but also in forming the product and decorating systems.

Tonelli has always worked alongside our customers in trying to innovate and offer a solution, often “turnkey”, that would allow the customer to propose an original idea and put it on the market. Even though Tonelli is a modern company, when we speak about plants and cakes lines, we offers a ‘tailor-made service’, always looking for a personalized distribution for each customer and accompanying the customer to the product launch.

Today we have differentiated the processes and improved assistance by inserting expert figures who can follow our customers in coordinating the installation and start-up of the line.

On this type of project, we often include supplies from other companies that Tonelli has carefully selected, in time ensuring a close collaboration while obtaining the best service.

Quality always pays off and with the technical and technological support we have been able to reach a higher satisfaction in our work. 

The payback times of this type of investment have shortened and we have been able to find better customer loyalty. 

To evaluate the latest innovations, we invite our customers to visit Tonelli…. with hospitality and discretion, you will be welcomed in the Parma food valley at our factory, where you can visit the latest process innovations of our technological know-how together with technicians and technologists, to see for yourselves the innovations and results of the final products.