LTE Transfer system with double belt and flat belt

In the LTE longitudinal transfer system, how can the workpiece carrier be deflected by 90 degrees if a certain conveyor line requires the use of a double belt? We solved this problem with an additional flat belt around the curve for a customer in the electronics industry who wanted new test stations for its production line.

The electronics industry faces constant challenges, especially when it comes to testing its own products. For its fully automated assembly line, an electronics manufacturer needed to reliably process and test the products from below. A double belt was required for this processing and testing station. However, this requirement presented a problem. 

The problem of workpiece carriers on 90-degree curves

The main problem with the 90-degree deflection of workpiece carriers to a double belt is that the workpiece carrier tilts between the two belts when it moves onto the double belt, causing a process malfunction. Montech AG nevertheless found an innovative solution for this. This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art belt conveyors, and transfer systems, as well as innovative aluminum framing systems.

Integration of a flat belt into the curve area

Montech equipped the curve area of the double-belt conveyor with an additional flat belt that closes the free space between the belts and transports the workpiece carrier smoothly and completely on the surface around the 90-degree curve. The additional wide flat belt is cleverly integrated into the belt conveyor so that it is driven by the belt conveyor’s motor via the deflection rollers at the belt ends. This eliminates the need for two additional single-belt conveyors incl. drive motors, and it ensures seamless transport of the workpiece carriers. The compact integration of the flat belt into the existing system also eliminates any interfering contours. This custom-tailored and cost-effective solution meets the electronics manufacturer’s requirements and combines efficiency, a compact size, and attractive design to maximize customer benefits and further optimize production processes.