Trilogical Technologies stands at the forefront of the railway sector, pioneering advancements in railway technology & digitalization. As a specialist in IoT for critical applications, Asset Management, Remote Condition Monitoring, and Smart Diagnostics, Trilogical is shaping the future of rail transport.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

For over 25 years, Trilogical Technologies has been a dynamic force in advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Our company specializes in developing, deploying, and supporting comprehensive asset management solutions globally. With a focus on mobile assets, we offer robust end-to-end operational, safety, and security solutions across Railway, Security & Defence and Aviation sectors.

Our in-house research, design, and manufacturing of both software and hardware ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and are fully compatible with rigorous international regulations. Our commitment to excellence makes us an ideal business partner, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, maintenance, and safety of railway operations, providing superior control over mobile assets.

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Rolling Stock Remote Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics: We lead the way in advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics, developing technologies that enable realtime tracking and analysis of asset conditions. 

Asset Management Solutions: Our comprehensive asset management solutions are globally deployed, supporting a wide array of railway operators’ needs, ensuring their operations are efficient and assets well-managed. 

Operational, Safety, and Security Solutions: We provide end-to-end solutions for mobile assets that enhance operational performance, safety, and security. 

Maintenance Efficiency: By integrating realtime diagnostic data from various sensors, we empower rail operators to transition from traditional scheduled maintenance to adaptive, condition-based, and proactive maintenance strategies. 

System Integration: We offer unique solutions that unify all sensors across operators’ heterogeneous fleets into a single platform, streamlining processes for drivers, control centres, and maintenance teams. 

Freight Operations: Extending beyond passenger services, we also optimise freight operations, enhancing fleet utilisation, maintenance, safety, and supply chain transparency. 

Market Leadership: Our systems are designed to be cost-effective, with a quick return on investment, while also being among the most advanced solutions available, ensuring easy deployment within a reasonable budget. In essence, Trilogical Technologies is dedicated to improving the efficiency, reliability, and profitability of mobile asset operations through state-of-the-art technology solutions.

E.E: What are your product innovations and offerings for the railway sector?

RailBlazer – Revolutionising Rail Freight Operations with IoT Excellence

In response to the burgeoning demand for rail freight transport, Trilogical has developed RailBlazer, an IoT solution revolutionising rail freight operation. RailBlazer transforms each railcar into a smart, digital asset, equipping fleet owners, railway operators, and shippers with instant insights into railcars’ location, condition, and health. RailBlazer’s unique hybrid communication system enables precise tracking, including positioning within the trainset and in shunting yards.

It allows scheduling maintenance based on smart sensor analysis, reducing disruptions and extending service intervals. With realtime alerts on railcar health abnormalities and End-of-Train events, it prioritises safety, safeguarding personnel and cargo. 

Integrated with Trilogical’s cloud-based platform, RailBlazer offers features such as order management, railcar allocation, history- and mileage-based service alerts, boosting operational and maintenance efficiency. Its data analysis provides transparency in the supply chain, offering live loading status and ETA updates, thus facilitating shipper satisfaction.

As an easily mounted and maintenance-free solution with a battery life of over 6 years, RailBlazer heralds a new era in railcar telematics, ensuring unmatched maintenance and operational excellence.

Control FREAK – The Future of Railway Digitalisation

Trilogical’s Control FREAK is a remote diagnostic system for locomotives and multiple units that enables precise monitoring and smart analytical reporting. This system shifts maintenance approaches to proactive strategies, thereby reducing costs and enhancing the availability, reliability, and safety of rolling stock. Deployed on vehicles by the world’s leading OEMs, Control FREAK ensures a higher annual mileage for fleets and enables a longer lifecycle for legacy vehicles.

Control FREAK represents a unique solution that empowers managers at all levels to monitor and boost efficiency while reducing expenses. The system consists of a smart onboard controller (hardware) and a dynamic application (software), both built on a modular platform that can be easily customised to meet customer needs. A Business Intelligence module and a Driver Advisory application facilitate data integration, providing a comprehensive solution for optimised mobile asset management.

Featuring an open architecture and integrated plugins, Control FREAK allows for the swift development of additional modules as needed. It boosts operational and maintenance efficiencies, improves safety, manages service levels, and increases profitability.

Control TRACK – Collision Avoidance System

Trilogical’s Control TRACK is a system specifically developed to prevent collisions between trains and infrastructure maintenance teams. This intelligent solution provides realtime alerts for track workers about an approaching train, as well as realtime warnings for the train driver about track workers and other obstacles on the train’s route. It includes the capability for Operations Control Centres to monitor track worker teams and to issue realtime alerts about obstacles along the train route. An optional dynamic Navigation module equips drivers with essential route information, speed restrictions, and updates on neutral sections.

Control TRACK provides realtime collision avoidance alerts and is a vital tool in safeguarding track workers and infrastructure.

FreightShield – Containerized Cargo Theft Prevention

The FreightShield system offers an optimal solution for securing cargo and tracking container shipments. It features smart IoT container locks that are remotely controlled and can only be opened by authorised personnel. These locks are robust, designed to withstand rough transportation conditions, and are equipped with a long-lasting battery. They also boast multilayered connectivity options (Cellular, Bluetooth, and RF), along with additional sensors that detect movement and tampering.

The FreightShield solution includes web and mobile applications that offer a secure yet user-friendly method to monitor, manage, and debrief any container movement and status. This functionality empowers operations teams to unlock containers remotely, while shippers and freight operators can track the location of containers in real time. The result is complete visibility over shipments, which ensures customer satisfaction and streamlines the shipping process.

Market Dynamics and Trends – Emphasising Railway Sector Evolution

As the global rail freight sector witnesses a surge in demand, the drive towards technological innovation is intensively focused on achieving maximal profitability and efficiency. This not only meets the escalating demand but also fosters competitive market participation. The introduction of ‘digital twin’ technology by Trilogical Technologies is transformative, offering clients a comprehensive view of operations, allowing for advanced trend modelling and data analysis to ‘future-proof’ their ventures. Furthermore, with tools like RailBlazer, the financial ROI becomes significantly tangible, yielding cost savings in railcar/fleet maintenance of 25-30% and enhancing fleet availability by 12-20%. These advancements ensure optimal asset utilisation, reduced maintenance costs, and the provision of safe, reliable service, aligning with the evolving needs of customers and the market at large.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Trilogical Technologies is redefining industry benchmarks with its pioneering products like RailBlazer and Control FREAK, which integrate all onboard and wayside sensors into a singular, comprehensive platform. This integration fosters a seamless interface for all railway operational stakeholders, significantly enhancing process efficiency. Control TRACK’s collision avoidance capabilities and FreightShield’s robust cargo security are exemplary of Trilogical’s commitment to safety and asset protection. With 15 years of railway industry expertise, IRIS certification, and a relentless focus on in-house R&D and manufacturing, Trilogical not only promises but delivers advanced, customer-centric benefits, setting a new standard for technological innovation in the rail sector.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2024?

As Trilogical Technologies progresses through the year, the outlook for 2024 is promising, with a trajectory of growth and a stronger presence in the railway sector. The forecast sees an increase in the uptake of our bespoke systems, which are intricately designed to cater to the dynamic and ever-evolving industry requirements—aiming to reduce operational costs and enhance the robustness and safety of railway operations.

Our commitment to innovation remains steadfast as we further refine our solutions, ensuring that our clients are equipped with sophisticated, cost-effective, and quick ROI systems, aligned with strict international railway standards. We are proud to continue fostering a digital revolution in rail technology and digitalization, serving a diverse clientele that includes railway operators, industrial entities, rolling stock leasing companies and logistics providers, thereby enhancing asset management and operational efficiency on a global scale.

This commitment is underscored by our enduring partnerships with esteemed clients like Israel Railways, the State Railway of Thailand, Vale/Nacala Logistics Mozambique, which showcases our global reach and the enduring trust in our monitoring and diagnostic solutions that have been a mainstay since 2008. Our solutions, known for their advanced features and cost-effectiveness, stand to solidify Trilogical Technologies’ position as a leader in the provision of technology solutions for smart asset management and operational optimization within the global railway industry.

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