The all-in-one domestic solar system with artificial intelligence now comes with an electric vehicle charger.

For the second consecutive year, Turbo Energy will be present at the global reference event for the solar industry: Intersolar Europe. The company will showcase the main new photovoltaic solutions for domestic systems at its stand.

New SunBox EV

At the 2022 edition, Turbo Energy will show the latest version of its intelligent solar system, known as SunBox EV. This all-in-one solution includes photovoltaic production, energy storage using batteries with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and electric vehicle charging.

It is important to remember that SunBox, whose first version was also introduced in last year’s edition of Intersolar, has capabilities to optimize the energy management taking into account the electricity plan contracted, the intelligent prediction of solar energy generation and the domestic consumption patterns. 

In this respect, Enrique Selva, CEO of Turbo Energy, explained that with the new SunBox EV “an AI algorithm analyses production and consumption predictions, so the system can choose the best time to charge the electric vehicle and maximize a reduction of the electricity bill.” He also added that “All the home energy is managed in one intelligent platform in the cloud, where the energy needs are balanced and the battery use and consumptions are optimized.”

SunBox Ev’s main particularity is that the integrated management of the solar production, energy storage and electric vehicle charging is achieved using a single artificial intelligence algorithm. This is the main technological advantage, since “other competitors in the market offer solutions for electric vehicle charging or solutions to manage energy storage as individual challenges; however, the integration of hardware and software from the same manufacturer into one standard solution allows us to provide a differential value to the end user,” further clarifies Enrique Selva.

Similarly, any user can access the consumption and energy saving data, the battery charging status and the environmental savings through the Turbo Energy application in their mobile device. Now, the electric vehicle charger included in SunBox EV can also be managed and it is possible to choose from different charging modes to optimize the sun power generated and reduce the electricity bill.

Turbo Energy will be in Munich from the 11th to the 13th of May, at the stand B2.358 of the Messe München building, where it will also introduce its range of solar inverters, micro inverters and new lithium-ion battery models with artificial intelligence.