Vemer, nestled in the heart of the Dolomites in Italy, stands as a distinguished company renowned for its exceptional contributions to the electrical industry. The company is a well-established firm that specializes in developing cutting-edge electrical solutions for both the civil and industrial sectors. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, Vemer has established themselves as a leading force in the realm of electrical solutions, both nationally and across the globe.

Interview with Umberto Dozio, Sales Director at Vemer.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Umberto Dozio: Our core activities are the development, manufacture, and distribution of electrical solutions tailored for both the civil and industrial sectors. Operating with a global perspective, our company’s product catalogue, comprising a remarkable array of over 2000 offerings, is meticulously designed to augment home comfort, safety, and efficiency, while also meet industrial measurement and heat regulation requirements.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

U.D: In a deliberate stride towards the future, we are channeling our expertise towards crafting solutions that harness the cutting edge of technological advancements. Among these remarkable offerings is a new smart energy meter, designed for seamless programmability via a dedicated app. This new energy meter isn’t just a device; it’s a dynamic tool that empowers users with unprecedented control over their energy consumption, all at their fingertips.

Additionally, the spotlight shines on a revolutionary smart thermostat, set to challenge conventional notions of design and elegance. This new smart thermostat redefines the very concept of how beauty and functionality can harmoniously coexist. Beyond its visually striking appearance, this thermostat integrates advanced features that enhance climate control efficiency and user convenience.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

U.D: We offer a wide range of products and solutions – each with the by now-recognizable high-quality standard – with the aim of specializing in each defined product category. Our product ranges encompass:

Climate control: smart thermostats that not only provide precision in temperature management but also seamlessly integrate into smart home ecosystems. These thermostats empower users to create personalized comfort zones while optimizing energy consumption, elevating both convenience and energy efficiency.

Time management: intelligent devices that enable users to schedule and automate the operation of various electrical devices, allowing for energy conservation and operational efficiency. 

Heat regulation: products designed to enhance both comfort and efficiency. Our offerings in this realm include advanced systems for industrial heat regulation, ensuring precise and optimized temperature control in various industrial processes. 

Measurement and control: professional, programmable, and multifunctional models. Suitable for domestic, industrial, and service sectors, these products ensure optimal measurement and control, meeting the highest standards of safety and precision.

Devices for switch and socket systems: combining practicality and elegance, our offerings seamlessly integrate with wiring devices in various environments. From aesthetic to functional perspectives, these solutions embody a touch of sophistication, enhancing both form and function.

Gas and Safety Solutions: solutions that encompass not only gas safety but also air quality and well-being enhancement in any environment, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive safety measures.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active? 

U.D: Our company operates within a dynamic and evolving market that is increasingly embracing technological advancements in the realm of electrical solutions and automation. As of now, the market where we are active can be described as a rapidly growing and transformative landscape.

The demand for intelligent and energy-efficient solutions, spanning from climate control to time management and beyond, has witnessed a significant upswing. Consumers, both in the domestic and industrial sectors, are showing heightened interest in products that offer seamless integration, remote control capabilities, and optimization of resource consumption.

Vemer’s offerings are well-positioned within this market stage, as we have strategically aligned our product portfolio to cater to these emerging trends. Furthermore, the emphasis on “Made in Italy” as a symbol of quality, excellence, and reliability resonates strongly within a market that values both innovation and heritage.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

U.D: The market for electrical solutions, automation, and smart technologies is undergoing a significant transformation driven by changing consumer preferences and rapid technological advancements. 

The concept of smart living, first of all, is gaining momentum as consumers increasingly seek convenience, energy efficiency, and heightened control in their daily lives. This trend encompasses the adoption of devices that can be managed remotely and integrated into comprehensive smart home ecosystems

On the other side sustainability is a prevailing theme, compelling both individuals and industries to prioritize energy-efficient solutions. Energy-efficient appliances, smart thermostats, and lighting controls are witnessing increased demand, aligning with global efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Finally, aesthetic considerations and user-centric design are gaining prominence. Consumers are not only seeking functional products but also those that seamlessly blend with their living spaces. Design-forward solutions that complement interior aesthetics are in high demand. 

In conclusion, the prevailing market trends underscore a shift towards interconnected, energy-efficient, and user-centric solutions that enhance convenience, sustainability, and overall quality of life. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

U.D: Firstly, the new smart thermostat TUO WI-FI represents a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Its elegant design is matched by its complete programmability via a dedicated app. This innovation redefines how users interact with their climate control, offering seamless integration into smart home systems. The thermostat not only delivers precise temperature regulation but also epitomizes a new level of convenience, energy efficiency, and design sophistication.


Secondly, during 2023 we will introduce the new smart energy meter with WiFi connectivity, ENERGY WI-FI. This revolutionary meter empowers users with real-time insights and remote energy management capabilities. Through WiFi connection, users can effortlessly monitor and optimize energy consumption from afar. The meter’s capacity to provide granular data and facilitate remote control heralds a paradigm shift in energy efficiency and convenience.

These innovations embody our commitment to shaping the future of electrical solutions. By merging technology with elegance, the company continues to pioneer advancements that transcend industry norms. TUO WI-FI and ENERGY WI-FI exemplify our relentless pursuit of seamlessly integrating innovation into everyday life, setting new standards for comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

U.D: With resolute determination, we embark on 2023 and 2024, propelled by a dual aspiration: to harness the power of advanced technologies and to deliver solutions that redefine comfort, environmental responsibility, and energy optimization. Our dedication to pushing boundaries while respecting our “Made in Italy” heritage positions the company to stride confidently towards realizing their vision of innovation, ensuring continued growth and pioneering contributions to the global market.