VI-grade Powers Škoda's NVH Innovation with COMPACT NVH Simulator Deal


VI-grade’s COMPACT NVH Simulator chosen as a pivotal tool in advancing Škoda’s vehicle NVH development, enabling precise assessments of secondary ride comfort and noise.

VI-grade, the global provider of human-centric simulation-driven vehicle development solutions, today proudly announced the successful sale of its state-of-the-art COMPACT NVH Simulator to Škoda Auto a.s., one of the automotive industry’s pioneers based in the Czech Republic. The deal was completed in August 2023, marking a significant milestone for VI-grade. Škoda Auto has chosen VI-grade’s COMPACT NVH Simulator as a pivotal tool in advancing their Vehicle NVH development, enabling precise assessments of Secondary Ride Comfort and Noise.

Škoda Auto’s decision to choose VI-grade’s COMPACT NVH Simulator over competitors was rooted in VI-grade’s unique technology. The simulator allows precise evaluation of vehicle and powertrain sound and vibration attributes. Designed to faithfully reproduce real driving conditions in a laboratory environment, including roadway visualization, the COMPACT NVH Simulator stood out for its ability to simulate the vibroacoustic behavior of a virtual prototype. This functionality simplifies data interpretation and actively involves the customer’s perspective in the decision-making process, making it a key asset for vehicle development through virtual techniques.

VI-grade Powers Škoda’s NVH Innovation with COMPACT NVH Simulator Deal

Tomáš Beneš, NVH Manager at Škoda, emphasized, “Our strongest reason for choosing VI-grade as a supplier is the possibility of sharing know-how within the VW Group. VI-grade has proven to be a performing and reliable partner for NVH advanced applications.”

Furthermore, VI-grade’s COMPACT NVH Simulator was recommended to Škoda engineers by its counterparts at Bentley and Volkswagen, reinforcing VI-grade’s reputation as an industry leader in NVH simulation solutions.

Giorgio Adriano, NVH Simulator Account Manager EMEA at VI-grade, commented, “VI-grade, in partnership with local distributor SVMTech, is honored to support Škoda Auto’s pursuit of NVH excellence, bringing innovative solutions and expertise to Škoda’s engineering initiatives.”