wallPen is a German company founded in 2016, which designs and manufactures vertical printers. The company produces the wallPen E2, which is a motorized printer that uses UV ink to crate high-quality, durable murals on almost any vertical surface. Important to point out the ease of use and fast setup of the wallPen, it can be ready to print in just 5 minutes. 

Interview with Isabel Nold, Marketing Manager at wallPen GmbH.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Isabel Nold: Our main areas of activity are the manufacturing and development of the wallPen and of course the sales and distribution.

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services?

I.N: We are constantly working to improve the wallPen. News will always be announced on our social media channels, so stay tuned.

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services?

I.N: We offer only one product, the wallPen E2. Our service includes a training (on your own wallPen after purchases), customer support and marketing materials, like photos and videos.

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed?

I.N: Our customers always manage to impress us with their unique projects. By thinking out of the box.